Keeping Your Family Safe at Home

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Everyone should be safe in his or her own homes, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. You need as much security in place as possible, so that any would be intruders are deterred from entering your home. There is more to consider than the possibility of break-ins though. Your home needs to be safe from hazards and dangers that could cause injury, as sometimes these can be very serious.


Residential Risk Assessments

Go all around your house looking for things that could be dangerous. Are there are loose carpets or tiles that might cause someone to trip? Make sure there are no electrical items close to a water source, such as plugs next to a tap. Do you have a first aid box and does everyone know where it is kept? What would your family do in the event of a fire? Hopefully, you have fire alarms installed and if you have not that should be a priority. Most accidents in the UK happen in the home, so make yours as safe as you can so that none of your family become one of these statistics.


Residential Security

Residential security can come in several different forms, and some people use all of them to keep their family from harm.  CCTV can be a deterrent, but the cameras should be placed high enough to stop intruders damaging them, but low enough to cover the areas of access to your home.  These will not stop a determined burglar, but the will help to put off the opportunist.

Make sure every window and door lock works and is strong enough to fend off any would-be burglars. If you have a digital security system installed, you can have locks that integrate with it, which you can control even when you are away from home.

Security Lights can also help, as even if you do not spot someone trying to break in, a neighbor might if the area is well lit.



You can have your home lights, curtains, blinds, and TV all connected to an app that lets you switch them on and off remotely. This can give the impression that the house is occupied when in fact there is no one at home.

Most burglaries happen to empty properties, and letting the potential intruders think that someone is in the home, could just stop them from attempting to break in.



Awareness is one piece of security you cannot buy but it can be just as important. If you see a strange car keep cruising by, or people that look a bit suspicious hanging about, call the police and warn them that you think something is not right. Also, alert your neighbors so that they can all be extra vigilant too.

Never approach the car or the people, as you do not know how dangerous they may be. But being aware of them can make you extra careful about locking your doors and windows, and keeping your family safe