The Best Ways To Keep You and Your Family Safe – On the Road

We all love the convenience of owning a car – don’t we?  And it can be especially useful when you have a family.

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The school run, dropping your kids off at sports practice, taking them to the soft play center – whatever it is.  Even everyday activities like shopping can be really difficult when there’s a houseful of you – but no transport.


So we wouldn’t, for a minute, suggest you don’t continue to use yours – just drive safely, that’s all.  


So how do you drive safely?

Always wear a seat belt

It goes without saying really, doesn’t it, but seat belts save lives – so make sure you always wear yours.  Emphasize their importance to your kids too – and tell them never to share belts between them.


Fortunately, many newer vehicles now come with alarms to warn you if you’ve failed to click on your seatbelt before setting off.  But, if yours is not one of those, get into the habit of making it the first thing you do – whenever you get in the car.


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Don’t drive too fast…or slow

This is another given really, but never drive too fast – particularly when you have the family on board. The quicker you go, the worse any impact will be if you hit something – and it’s much harder to stay in control. 


Stay within the speed limit wherever you are and, conversely, don’t drive really slowly either, if you can help it.  This can also be dangerous: try to stick to an average speed and you’ll avoid the risk of causing a pile-up.

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And never when you’re tired

It can be difficult, we know – everyone can have a bad night’s sleep but still need to get to work on time.  But try as much as you can not to drive when you’re tired – and never at all when you feel slightly drowsy. 


It’s a myth that stopping for coffees or rolling down the window to get some air will help bring you round. Don’t ask other people to talk loudly, or play the radio, to try to feel more alert either – tt just isn’t safe.


One advantage of having a dashcam fitted in your car is that it can warn you when you start to feel tired.  Has another busy person said ‘I’m going to blackboxmycar to you, for example?  Now you’ll understand what they meant – and know just how important this is.


Avoid distractions

Of course, we all know you shouldn’t ever use your phone, text or do anything else that distracts you when driving.  But make sure any little ones are also aware that it’s no time for them to make too much noise either. Ask them to stay calm when you’re out in the car – and provide distractions for them like puzzles or books, perhaps.


Always plan ahead

And finally, always try to plan ahead before you set out  – whether that’s a short or longer journey.  You’re more likely to make mistakes if you feel unsure of the area you’re in or where you’re going, after all.

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We hope these few tips have given you something to think about – before you and your family next get into the car.  And by taking these bits of advice on board, you and your family will be equipped to always stay safe – out on the road.

5 Things to Check Before Heading Out on a Road Trip!

Person Wearing Beige Sweater Holding Map Inside Vehicle



Going on a road trip is a great way to strengthen your family bond, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to travel and explore the incredible destination right under your feet. You don’t always have to jet off abroad to enjoy a vacation, chances are there are plenty of places right in the state or area you live in that you’ve never been to. If you plan on heading out on a road trip this summer, here are five things to consider!


What vehicle will you use?

Will you be traveling in your own car, or hiring a vehicle? If you’re going away for more than a few days, something more comfortable than your standard family car might be the best option, or you could hire an RV or campervan if you’re planning on staying overnight in it. Have a think about what would be best, and be sure to compare prices of rentals since they can vary wildly. 


What route will you take?

Your next dilemma is which route will you take. If you have a specific destination in mind that you want to travel to, see which route options are available. You could go one way on the way there, and loop back around a different way when you’re coming home so you get to see as much as possible. Consider where any attractions or points of interest are so you can work these into your route. Check online for road closures and other issues ahead of time so you’re not stuck in traffic, a good GPS can warn and reroute you if your path up ahead is blocked so you can take a clearer route. 


What will you eat?

If you’re on a budget then bringing a picnic, and then shopping at grocery stores each day for food will be your cheapest option. You can buy electric cool boxes that can be plugged into the car, keeping food chilled for a number of days- so things like big pasta or potato salads with chilled meat could make good lunches or dinners. You could then call into chain restaurants, cafes and other eateries as and when you fancy them, and maybe treat yourself on one or two evenings to somewhere a little nicer. 


Where will you stay?

If you’ll be staying in an RV, it can be worth looking for campsites and RV parks where there are showers, wifi and electricity hookups to make your stay more comfortable. If you’re traveling by car, will you stay in hotels and motels every night, or will you bring a tent and camp some nights too? Have everything planned ahead and the route adjusted so you can get to your stop each evening. 


Are you prepared for emergencies?

Hopefully, your road trip will run smoothly, but you never know and so it’s worth being prepared for emergencies. If you’re in a colder climate, things like wellington boots, warm socks, blankets, and shovels are all useful items. Emergency food and water, some tools and of course breakdown cover should all be sorted before you head off. 


Are you going on a road trip this year?