Should You Move to Your Dream City?

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We all have that one place where we felt completely at home. Perhaps you were on holiday, totally relaxed and dreaming of moving into your hotel permanently or maybe you were just passing through on the way to somewhere else. Or your dream city could only in your head, still to be found in the real world.


But whether your dream city is the university town that got under your skin like Anthony Markofsky or you have never lived there for more than a holiday, if you get the chance to move to your dream city should you take it? The answer might be more complicated than you might think!

Living the Dream Lifestyle

One of the main reasons that people move to cities is to make the most of the lifestyle there. Some cities are best known for their food (practically anywhere in Italy or France), others for their music (Melbourne and New Orleans spring to mind) and still others for their high rise lifestyle (New York, Beijing, Singapore to name just a few).


But, when you are thinking about the lifestyle you want, you should be thinking about more than just where that is. Your lifestyle comes down to how you spend your time and your money as well as opportunity. Look at your dream city through the lens of a worker bee as well as a holidaymaker. Is it still just as exciting?

Finding the Right Home

The right home is vital for your dream to come true but while you might be able to make the inside more attractive, you need to be aware of just how much inside you can afford. Cities like New York or London might be thrilling culturally but do remember that with so many people around, homes are getting smaller and more expensive all the time!


You need to be realistic about what your budget will afford you and where you will get the most for your money. If your heart is set on a particular city and district, you may be disappointed so broaden your horizons and think a little further beyond perfect.

Friends and Family

Though upping and moving to a new city is bursting with opportunity, you should think about the friends and family around you. Will you be moving too far away to see each other regularly? Do you want to be close to your family or are you happy to move away? While you will certainly make new friends when you move, these questions should inform your choice as it can be isolating to find yourself in a new place without that support network.


That said, making new friends in a new city is a fun way to discover new things about yourself and explore new avenues of interest. The city life is all about getting out of your home and seeing the world around you. Experience is everything and a new circle of friends is just a part of that.


Moving to your dream city could be the best thing you ever do but don’t make the decision rashly, take your time, do your research and be smart.





How Healthy Eating Can Repair The Mind

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As you probably already know by now, life can be really hard sometimes, and if we’re not careful, it can begin to affect our minds and how we think and see the world. It’s important to remind yourself of the beauty out there, especially when bad things are happening, because without darkness we’d never be able to truly appreciate the light.


If you feel like you’re really starting to struggle, then know that there are always people out there that can and will help you, you just need to be brave and reach out. Talking to your friends and family, and letting them know that you’re not coping well is always a good idea so they’re aware of an issue. But you also need to speak to a doctor as they are professionally trained to evaluate the issue and give you the best care in order for you to get better. This may be by prescribing you with medication to level out the chemical imbalance in your brain which is making you feel so low. Or maybe they’ll refer you to a therapist who will be able to supply you with everyday coping mechanisms and strategies to get you through.


One thing that can make a whole world of a difference naturally while paired up with other necessary care, is by what you’re putting into your body. All different foods carry different benefits, so ensuring you consume these will naturally repair your mind bit by bit.


The snacks

If you are prone to snacking between meals, there are two options for this. Either break up your meals throughout the day so you have more, but smaller, so that you aren’t getting hungry all the time. Or, snack on healthy things that keep you going while you’re out and about. These can be a whole range of things from green olives and feta cheese, to cubes of melon, and even a mixture of nuts that you carry around with you. These are all things that give you energy and brain power, all while being a delight to eat.


The creations

Find a healthy recipe that tickles your fancy, get the necessary ingredients, and have a go at making the meal. Not only will you be consuming something different and exciting, but you’re giving your mind something to do and focus on, as a pose to trailing off in thoughts that don’t help. This way, you’re in full control over what you’re doing, and getting creative in a way that you maybe haven’t explored yet. You may even find you have a hidden talent and enjoy the process so much that it becomes a hobby of yours.


The company

Food is something that universally brings people from all parts of the world together. We share recipes with one another – some that have been passed down from generation to generation, and we create a bond over things that we love. It’s as simple as having a dinner party once in a while. When you’re low you often close yourself away, but you need to interact to remember how good it feels, and this way you can.