The Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial

I am so excited! My sister in law has asked me to be the Matron of Honor in her wedding,  I cannot wait for the big day. We have started to work out so we can tone up our bodies for the big day. We want our dresses to fit us perfectly. To reach thing goal we’ve decided to start eating healthier! Maybe not eat as many fried foods, attend more workout classes, and if we can’t attend a class we have a few workouts plans to do at home with weights. We have both decided to drink more water and ease up on the soft drinks.


I have received the perfect scale to help us with our mission! The Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial. It is a nice sleek black design, perfect size and fits great in my restroom corner! This scale is lightweight, which makes it easy to move it around when I’m cleaning. I love the fact that it displays your weight within seconds of stepping on the scale, no tapping required. The LED screen and the digital dial is well lit and easy to read. The scale will automatically turn off after 2 minutes so it doesn’t run the batteries down. I’ve purchased several bathroom scales before and none compare to this Ozeri bathroom scale, this scale is very accurate. Other scales I have tried would give me different reading if I stepped on it too many times or it would take forever to display my weight.

This scale also has an alarm that goes off ever24 hours, it reminds you to measure your weight at the same time each day. This is an awesome feature, I have a journal next to my scale so I can keep track of my weight. This feature is very useful to me because for starters I have a horrible memory, then I usually get distracted with the boys. That is a very helpful feature for distracted people. Find your next bathroom scale here



Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener


I received the MAESTRO Stainless-Steel Electric Wine opener with Digital Thermometer and I love it!! It is all black and very sleek, it came in a very elegant black magnetic box perfect for storage when not being used. This electric wine opener has all the perks to it, it comes with a foil cutter and its own recharging dock. I love everything about this electric wine opener, the LED screen displays the temperature and charging level. I’d have to say my favorite feature about this wine opener is the wine bottle temperature measurement. The sensor is at the top of the wine opener, so you just aim the infrared sensor at the center of the bottle and it displays the temperature on the LED screen!


Now it’s time to enjoys this awesome Electric wine opener!  My friends and I decided to get together and have a wine tasting party, this would allow us to catch up with each other. Now that we all have children it has been really hard for us to find time to all hang out together and our work schedules don’t help either.  We all love to drink wine so what better way to catch up on things than over wine right? I asked everyone to bring a bottle of wine, being their favorite or a new wine for everyone to try.

As everyone arrived we set their bottles of wine in the cooler. And of course, I had to brag about my new electric wine opener that we would be using for the night. We had a total of 5 wine bottles to open that night. This electric wine opener met all my expectations, it displayed the accurate room temperature in addition to the temperature of the wine bottles. It also held its charge throughout the night and was the hit of the party. It was very fast and quiet to open bottles. Everyone loved it and loved using it! I even had one friend ask if she could borrow it for a family function. I would recommend this wine opener to anyone or would make a great gift for wine lovers!