Asani Rose Gold Tri-Fold Mirror

This Asani Rose Gold Tri-Fold Mirror Is awesome, I love how bright the 21 LED lights give off the perfect amount of light for me to do my makeup or tweeze. It’s so bright I can still see even if I don’t have my restroom light on. It has two on/off switches, one in the back and the other is a touch button on the mirror. The switch comes in very handy when the kids are around because they have seen me use the touch button and they want to use it as well. When I’m not using my mirror I can turn the switch off so it can’t be turned on accidentally or by the kids



This tri-fold mirror has a full mirror in the center and the right side has two magnifications 2x and 3x, it also adjusts up and down as needed. These magnifications make it so much easier to tweeze and apply makeup. One of my favorite parts of the Asani Tri-Fold Mirror is that you can use four AAA batteries to power it on or by using the USB cord it came with. Being able to use batteries to power it on is great for traveling because that is one less cord I have to keep up with. Another thing that makes it travel-friendly is the base is removable for easy packing. It also comes with a separate 10x round mirror that stays in my purse at all times.


You can’t go wrong with this Asana Tri-Fold Mirror, it would be a perfect gift all the women in your life! They will appreciate you for it, it makes everything so much easier. Find it here


I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.