Our Fishing Trip

Being a police officer my husband works a lot. Not only does he work his normal shift but he also works off-duty shifts. when it comes to his day off, we usually try to make the most off it and let Charlie pick what he wants to do for the day. Ivan is still young to pick but usually does whatever Charlie does. Today Charlie decided to go fishing with Ivan and  Tanner, his other fishing buddy!  But first, there were a few things we had to get together before we headed out to fish.



Gather all our fishing gear

• Kid Fishing pole/fishing net
• Bait
• Line
• Kids tackle box


Gather all items for kids!

• Sunscreen
• Cool clothes
• Sunglasses
• Water!!
• Snacks
• First aid kit
• Extra pair of clothes just in case someone jumps in the water.
• Shoes
• Towels
• Coolers to keep drinks and snacks cool
• Toys!!!!