8 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Clothes

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Whilst you can always sell and donate old clothes, there could be other ways to get extra use out of them. Here are just eight ways to repurpose those old garments gathering dust in your wardrobe.


Turn your sweater into a winter hat and mittens

Got an old sweater that you no longer wear? You could upcycle it into a winter hat and mittens. The collar on a sweater can make the perfect rim of a hat – you can simply cut a section out and sew it together to form a hat. You can meanwhile cut off parts of the sleeves to make your own makeshift matching mittens. It’s also possible to make beanies and slouchies using old sweaters (you can also repurpose cardigans and use the buttons as features).


Turn your t-shirt into an infinity scarf

You can create all kinds of new items of clothing using an old t-shirt from a crop top to a skirt. If you’re looking for a simple craft project, however, an infinity scarf could be a great project to try. This can be done by simply cutting a strip out from around the collar of a shirt. It’s also possible to make a scarf using the sleeves.


Make your own headband

Another simple DIY upcycling project could be to make your own headband from recycled clothes. If you’ve got a t-shirt with an elasticated collar, this could be perfect for turning into a headband. You could also make your own denim headband out of old jeans.


Make a quilt out of t-shirts

For those feeling a little more ambitious, it’s also possible to turn your old t-shirts into a quilt. This could be a great way to upcycle lots of old shirts. There are companies out there that sell quilts made from t-shirts – you could try one of these companies if you don’t fancy taking on this craft project yourself. Quilts can also be made out of other clothes such as jackets and jeans.


Turn your shirts into pillowcases

To go with your quilt, you could also try making some of your own makeshift pillowcases from old shirts. You can do this by simply cutting the sleeves off and then sewing up the armholes and neckhole (you could even add your own zip to the bottom). You can also make your own sofa cushions using this method.


Make your own tote bag

It’s also possible to turn an old t-shirt or jumper into a tote bag. This can be done by cutting the sleeves off and cutting the neckline away and then sewing up the bottom. You can decide how deep you want the bag to be by choosing where to sew the bottom of the bag.


Cover a notebook in denim

For a cool and unique notebook cover, you could consider using an old pair of jeans. By using the top of the jeans you can make use of the pockets (these could be used to store pens or pencils). It’s also possible to use other types of clothing to make your own notebook covers.  


Create DIY dog toys

If you’ve got a pet dog, you could even try turning your old clothes into chew toys. By twisting a few old t-shirts together and knotting them at one end, you can make your own tug toy. You can also repurpose jeans and leather jackets for tougher dog toys. This could be a great way of saving money on dog toys.

DIY Rustic Wooden Signs For The Home

Wall decorations are a great way to breathe a bit of life into your home and make those blank walls a little more interesting. If you’re going for a rustic look in the home, some nice wooden signs are ideal. You can usually pick them up in antique stores but you’re paying a lot of money for something that is incredibly cheap to make. So, why not just make your own instead? It’s a great craft project that you can do with the kids so you’ve got a fun activity to do for the afternoon and some new decoration for the house at the same time. Here are some great tips on making your own wooden signs for the home.


Sourcing The Wood

The first thing that you need to make a wooden sign is the wood itself. If you go to a hardware store, you can pick up a couple of bits fairly cheap but they won’t necessarily have the right look, especially if you’re trying to create a rustic aesthetic in your home. You want something that has a great rustic feel to it so it’s better to use reclaimed wood instead. It’s going to save you a bit of money as well which is always a bonus. You can use anything you like really, pallet crates are a good source of free reclaimed wood. If you can pick up some old wood that’s a bit rough around the edges with some paint still on it, it works perfectly for a great rustic looking sign.


Preparing The Wood

Now that you’ve found some wood, you need to prepare it before you can add whatever designs you want to your sign. If you’ve picked up some new wood, you shouldn’t need to do that much to it before you stain it. However, if you’re using reclaimed wood, it’ll need a bit more care. Get some sandpaper and take off all of the rough parts before you stain it. Visit thesummeryumbrella.com for a great guide on preparing wood to make signs.


Adding A Design

Once you’ve prepared the wood, you’re ready for the fun part; adding your own designs. There are a couple of different ways to do it. You can cut designs out of vinyl and stick them straight on to the wood for a professional finish. The only issue is that vinyl is a bit of a difficult material to work with, especially if you’re trying to cut out words. But if you can get a vinyl cutting machine (vinylcuttingmachineguide.com can help you find the right one) it makes life a lot easier. If you are doing a design with words, try not to make them too thin, otherwise, it’ll be difficult to apply it to the wood neatly.

Alternatively, you can paint the design on instead if you’ve got good painting skills. You can easily pick up a good oil-based paint that works well on wood from any hardware store or, if you’re in the mood for more crafts, you could try making your own paint instead. The only downside of painting is that it’s a bit of a pain if you make a mistake and you’ll have to strip the wood and start again. So, always make sure that you draw the designs on first with a pencil and paint carefully.

With a bit of practice, you can make some great wooden signs to put around your home.