5 Simple Tricks To Build A Happier Home Environment



Home is where the heart is, and you deserve to fall in love with your property time and time again. If you are going to achieve those positive outcomes, though, it’s essential that you learn to make the right upgrades.

While we all dream about the big indoor swimming pool or other luxury goods, the truth is that the simple additions are often the best. Here are five that should be on your checklist.


1| Make It Safe

A safe home is a happy home. In truth, you’ll never truly relax in your property unless it is made to feel secure. Given that the threat of burglary is greater than ever, investing in home security features is advised. Meanwhile, you need to invest in fire alarms and know how to spot the signs of damp or other issues. Finally, if you have mobility issues or any other form of additional needs, you must adapt the home accordingly. 


2| Allow Yourself The Chance To Relax

The home is your retreat. It is a place to lock yourself away from the worries of the world, which is why equipping it with some basic luxuries can make a world of difference. A quality bathtub supported by candles and music can be very comforting, as can a comfy bed. Meanwhile, even a mug of comforting coffee removes your stress. Coffee Luwak is a particularly popular solution. Set aside a small space for reading, artwork, or another hobby for optimal results.


3| Choose Simple Upgrades

All homes need a little TLC from time to time. However, extensive works like extensions and loft conversions aren’t always necessary. You can breathe new life into the home with painting and other simple jobs. Taking the time to consider key elements before any makeover is essential. Improvements that add value to the property, as well as your daily life, are the best options by far. Meanwhile, time constraints should be considered. After all, spending months living in what looks like a construction site can be very unhappy.


4| Inject Your Personality 

A property is just four walls and a roof. But a home is something that provides you with a sense of comfort and belonging. Stamping your character on the property is particularly important at this time. Photobox allows you to print your family photos onto canvases, which can be great. Holiday souvenirs, music memorabilia, and celebrations of your life achievements all work wonders. Making the property feel like home is truly the most important ingredient for happiness. Embrace it.


5| Get Organized

Creating a positive home environment is only half of the battle. You also need to keep it that way. Good organization is a must. A good decluttering session will work wonders while creating extra storage spaces around the home will help too. Cleanliness is perhaps the most telling factor, though. Simple tricks like fixing the TV to a wall can make life a lot easier while a host of household tech can be used for these purposes. 


Use the above points to establish the right foundations, and you will see positive results in next to no time.

Sleepless At Six Months: What’s Going Wrong?

We all expect a few sleepless nights when we become moms. Night feeds mean you’ll be lucky to get two hours at a time. Still, the majority of mothers keep the six-month mantle in our minds. This is when most babies move onto solid foods. It should, in theory, also be the time they start sleeping through. At some stages, that light at the end of the tunnel will be the only thing which keeps you positive.

That is until you reach the six month mark and put your baby in their own nursery, only to find a good night’s sleep still far away. You may gasp with horror, but this is a reality many mothers face. Every baby is different, and they don’t all start sleeping through the moment they don’t need a feed. The worst part about this is that there’s often no easy fix. At this age, you can’t just give them a bottle and put them down again. Instead, you’ll need to get your detective hat on and consider whether any of the following are keeping your baby awake.

Food is still playing them up

Though you thought food issues were behind you, your baby may still be crying as a result of their diet. Moving from milk to solid is a big leap, and it can often cause digestive issues. If these cause real discomfort, your baby may still cry due to pain. This can happen for various reasons. It may be that those solid foods are causing constipation. It may even be that your baby is experiencing an allergic reaction. If you’re concerned, a visit to the doctor won’t hurt. It may also be worth trying different foods until you find choices which don’t keep everyone up at night.

They can’t get comfortable

baby lying on bed

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Think about the times you can’t get comfortable in bed. It’s never pleasant. Whether your mattress is too lumpy, or the room temperature is all wrong, you toss and turn for hours. And, your baby will do the same, only they’ll cry about it to let you know. Make sure, then, that you get your little one as comfortable as can be. That could mean altering your room temperature, or even investing in something like the baby cribs and moses baskets at Cuckooland to increase comfort. Something as simple as this could cure all your bedtime woes.


They’re too tired

If neither above of the above seem to help, consider whether your baby is too tired when you put them down. We all know that babies get grumpy when overtired, but they can also work themselves into a state. This could lead to crying which keeps them awake and thus gets them even more upset. It may be worth, then, putting them down earlier, when they’re starting to get sleepy. This is a better option than waiting until they fall asleep to carry them to bed. Getting on the ball here could well unlock those sleepless nights you’ve been waiting for.