How To Lower School Printing Costs

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Is your school spending too much money on printing? It’s thought that schools are some of the biggest consumers of paper and printer ink. Fortunately, printing doesn’t have to be a big expense and there are lots of ways to save money. Here are several ways in which you can cut printing costs in your school/class.


Source printing supplies online

Paper and ink costs can soon add up if you’re not taking the time to shop around. Being selective of where you shop for these supplies can make a big impact – most general school suppliers will charge a premium. Sites like offer great deals on supplies, as well as the option of collecting points that you can then spend to get free printing supplies. Even with the added cost of delivery, you could make big savings compared to buying these supplies elsewhere.


Try refillable ink

Refillable ink cartridges can be another way to save money. You simply buy ink and can then refill each cartridge once it runs out. Refillable ink cartridges can only be refilled a certain amount of times, so bear this in mind. Some people also find that they affect print quality – especially with colors – so you may want to limit using these for black and white documents.


Bring in printing quotas

Giving each pupil a printing quota can also help to reduce costs by reducing the number of unnecessary documents printed off. This could be a quota per class or a quota for the entire year’s work. Going over this quota could result in pupils having to pay. This can be a very effective way of reducing printing costs but needs to be strictly enforced.


Start accepting hand-ins digitally

Rather than getting pupils to print off work, you could also start encouraging people to hand in work digitally. This can help to reserve paper and ink. Free apps like Showbie make handing in work online easy – you can mark and annotate work just as if you were marking it with a pen. Some schools set up their own work portals for handing in assignments online, however, this may cost more to set up.


Unplug printers when not in use

Aside from ink and paper, printers can also use up a lot of power. Make it a habit of unplugging your school printers at the end of each day when they are no longer needed for use. This is particularly important with older printers, which are likely to be less energy efficient (when upgrading printers, it’s worth looking into energy-efficiency – you can usually find product energy star ratings online).

Your Travel Guide For Cozumel, Mexico

A 34-mile long island just off the east coast of Mexico, Cozumel is precisely the kind of place you picture in your mind when you think of an idyllic beach vacation. There are plenty of beaches and great places to stay, eat, drink, and dance. However, it’s also a much wilder location than many others in the country, with great swathes of the island undeveloped with dense jungles and untamed coasts. Here, we’re going to look at how you prepare for your island adventure.

Pic by Violetta

Getting there

For you lovers of cheap travel, then the variety of ways to get to the island is going to be a joy. It might be a surprise to find that plenty of airports have regular flights to and from Cozumel, including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas. Besides flying, you can also get there by sea. Not only is the island a popular cruise ship destination but there are regular ferries from Playa del Carmen, as well, a nearby resort town on the coast facing it.

What to do

If you’re looking for a more active vacation spot, then you’ve found it. Lovers all things underwater will be glad to hear there are plenty of top snorkeling spots, with coral reefs, colorful fish, and even underwater caves for the more adventurous. The beaches are a prime spot for both partying and water sports, as well.

What to see

However, Cozumel’s real worth is in the sheer amount of different tours and sights to try out. First of all, it’s an archaeological treasure. The San Gervasio Mayan Archaeological site is tucked in a wildlife refuge, with several buildings from that ancient empire still standing. For those who prefer something a little tamer, the local Museum of Cozumel is worth a visit as well, with plenty of Mayan artifacts as well as flora and fauna exhibitions.

Staying healthy

A traveler should always be prepared for the risks of their chosen destination and nowhere is risk-free. If you’re exploring the wilds on a tour or simply walking far from where you’re staying, you need to make sure you have access to care. In case of an emergency, there is an air ambulance company located on the island of Cozumel Mexico. The sun will be your greatest foe, so make sure you cover your skin appropriately and use sunscreen. Lastly, invest in bottled water since safe drinking water from the tap is hard to find.

Safety questions

A lot of people have concerns about crime when venturing into Mexico, but Cozumel is relatively safe. There’s nowhere near the level of violent or cartel-related crime as you would see closer to the border. However, it’s still unwise to be out alone at night or on the beach, and you should always be mindful of your possessions. Hurricanes are an infrequent but serious risk to safety, so make sure you check the forecasts before booking your trip.

Cozumel is not the average tourist destination. There’s a lot more adventure to be found for those willing to explore, but you should remember to keep safety first in mind above all else.