Should Expectant Moms Read Birth Stories?

It is safe to say that the internet is full of birth stories, as this quick Google search result demonstrates:

472,000,000 results for the term “birth stories” perfectly makes the point: birth stories are ubiquitous online, with millions of women willingly sharing the tale of how their children were brought into the world.

Most expectant moms will be familiar with these stories; they tend to be found on any website that offers pregnancy and birth advice, after all. However, while these stories are incredibly commonplace, there is a question you should ask yourself before clicking a link: “is this a good idea?”


What to expect from birth stories

In the best case scenario, a birth story will:

  • Make you feel more confident about your impending delivery
  • Make you aware of things you hadn’t been aware of, so you can now plan for the same eventualities
  • Make you feel, well, warm and fuzzy inside

The above experience is the one that many expectant moms imagine they will encounter when they click a link to read a birth story – and this is the experience they will usually have, too. Birth stories are incredibly affirming and enjoyable to read, and they can provide insights that an expectant mom would have had no other way of knowing. However…


Birth stories can be traumatic

Some women have wonderful, smooth births but, unfortunately, some don’t. When you click on a link to a birth story, in most cases, you will have no idea which type of story you are clicking on.

This can mean that you click on a story that you subsequently find traumatic or even frightening, especially if it deals with issues severe enough to require the writer to have eventually visited the likes of to obtain legal recourse for their experience. Some birth stories deal with myriad complications and, in some cases, emergencies. These stories can make a lasting impression on an expectant mom, causing a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, and even panic due to concerns over the idea of experiencing something similar.


How to approach birth stories

When you are pregnant, it’s natural that you are curious about what birth was like for other women – but, as pointed out above, it’s important to be cautious. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Look for trauma warnings. Many birth stories will include these at the top of the post or even in the title; if you see them, read no further.
  • Don’t try to convince yourself it’s helpful to read both good stories and concerning ones; in most cases, it isn’t. If you read one concerning and nine good, it’s the worrying one that you will remember.
  • If you find yourself reading a birth story that seemed fine but becomes harrowing, back away, even if you suspect everything turned out fine (for example, the post has pictures of the mom and her baby in it). There may still be details in the story that you find distressing or worrying.


Final thoughts

Birth stories are fantastic when you have had your baby, but when you’re still expecting, it’s usually best to avoid them. For advice and support regarding your pregnancy, speak to a medical professional or your friends and family. If you do want to look online, opt for a forum that is designed for expectant moms specifically such as, and avoid any thread titles that suggest a birth story is contained within.

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Sleepless At Six Months: What’s Going Wrong?

We all expect a few sleepless nights when we become moms. Night feeds mean you’ll be lucky to get two hours at a time. Still, the majority of mothers keep the six-month mantle in our minds. This is when most babies move onto solid foods. It should, in theory, also be the time they start sleeping through. At some stages, that light at the end of the tunnel will be the only thing which keeps you positive.

That is until you reach the six month mark and put your baby in their own nursery, only to find a good night’s sleep still far away. You may gasp with horror, but this is a reality many mothers face. Every baby is different, and they don’t all start sleeping through the moment they don’t need a feed. The worst part about this is that there’s often no easy fix. At this age, you can’t just give them a bottle and put them down again. Instead, you’ll need to get your detective hat on and consider whether any of the following are keeping your baby awake.

Food is still playing them up

Though you thought food issues were behind you, your baby may still be crying as a result of their diet. Moving from milk to solid is a big leap, and it can often cause digestive issues. If these cause real discomfort, your baby may still cry due to pain. This can happen for various reasons. It may be that those solid foods are causing constipation. It may even be that your baby is experiencing an allergic reaction. If you’re concerned, a visit to the doctor won’t hurt. It may also be worth trying different foods until you find choices which don’t keep everyone up at night.

They can’t get comfortable

baby lying on bed

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Think about the times you can’t get comfortable in bed. It’s never pleasant. Whether your mattress is too lumpy, or the room temperature is all wrong, you toss and turn for hours. And, your baby will do the same, only they’ll cry about it to let you know. Make sure, then, that you get your little one as comfortable as can be. That could mean altering your room temperature, or even investing in something like the baby cribs and moses baskets at Cuckooland to increase comfort. Something as simple as this could cure all your bedtime woes.


They’re too tired

If neither above of the above seem to help, consider whether your baby is too tired when you put them down. We all know that babies get grumpy when overtired, but they can also work themselves into a state. This could lead to crying which keeps them awake and thus gets them even more upset. It may be worth, then, putting them down earlier, when they’re starting to get sleepy. This is a better option than waiting until they fall asleep to carry them to bed. Getting on the ball here could well unlock those sleepless nights you’ve been waiting for.






Easing The Stress Of Being A Mom Will Help Your Family

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Working comes with a whole host of stress. You’re basically dealing with stress from nine to five, with small glimmers of hope and sunshine dotted about. Working as a mum is 24/7, which kind of gives you some inkling as to the amount of stress that is involved. Thankfully, it i the best kind of stress imaginable. It is fun and unique and amazing, inspiring and worthwhile, totally worthwhile, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful too.

Yes, every single mum situation comes with its very own unique set of circumstances. It comes with the territory. But so does the need for you to constantly place an emphasis on your own health and well-being, and don’t for one second think that is selfish. Your being healthy is the catalyst to your family being healthy too.

So, here are some top tips on how to stay healthy, stress-free and sane as around the clock mum. After all, you deserve it.

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Get A Granny-Nanny

We all have that moment when we search the internet for some help, someone who can assist with the kids for just a couple of mornings a week. That would be enough. Well, why not make that someone a granny-nanny. These are semi-retired women that typically don’t have family close by. Nurturing people that will cherish everything you do. They are people that love baking, gardening, reading, coloring-in, and they know how to ace homework, while also cherishing the wonders of children. They are people that want to be involved with children, that’s the key and, in return, you’ll be relieved of some of the stress. You can do those errands you needed to do or just grab a pinch of personal time.

Schedule Your Personal Time

Yeah, this may sound sad, at least to begin with, but if scheduling in some personal time in the same way you would schedule an appointment is the only way you’ll get it, then do it. Personal time is so important. Seeing friends, getting that soft tissue massage you promised your doctor you would get, seeing friends for a coffee, going for a run, having your nails done, or just sitting in a quiet park. Whatever floats your boat on that day. Don’t feel guilty about this either. We all need a bit of peace and quiet, and your family will thrive if you grant yourself that space. Just make sure your family knows that these are appointments, one’s that you can’t miss.

Bring A PA Into The Family

This idea of having a personal assistant to help in your personal life can be so rewarding, for everyone, especially if you are a mum that balances working with being a mum. The more you accept them into your family the better it will be too, not least because they will have such an important part to play. The reason we are referring to them as a PA is because that will help you distinguish their role a bit more. In the same way, you would lay out a set of tasks for an assistant at work, do the same for them each morning. Then they will know exactly what you would like doing, what principles you cherish and what is important to you, like the operation #dontforget you are championing. All this can be achieved while they also ensure your kids laugh from the moment they get picked up from school to the moment you get back from work, and you won’t feel stressed about the tasks that haven’t been done because, well, they will have been done. A PA is a right-hand person, someone you can trust no end, so why not have someone like that to help with your children?