Femjolie Flat Iron


This Femjolie hair straightener is the best straightener I’ve owned! I love how sleek and shiny it left my hair when I was done straightening it, it doesn’t pull on my hair like other ones I’ve owned in the past. It has around edges so you can curl the ends of your hair as well. It is so easy to travel with because of the thin sleek design, it even comes with a heat resistant pouch to store while cooling down. You can also use the bag as a carrying bag.


My favorite part is the touchscreen, it allows you to turn it on/off and adjust the temperature just by a tap, which by the way goes up to 450 degrees! The screen also locks automatically after 30 seconds to prevent you from accidentally changing the temperature settings while straightening your hair. If for any reason you need to change the temperature after it is locked all you do is double tap the power button and it is unlocked, simple as that! One more thing that makes this straightener awesome, is that it has a 30-minute auto shut off. So, if you forget to unplug or turn it off, no worries it will be done for you in 30 minutes. Here is a promo code  FEMSOCIAL20
for  20% off!!