1. Eloise says:

    saving money is hard when you have little ones, that is true! I save as much as I can to better our future… but at the same time you have to live a little too! (vacation, movies, eating out on occasions) it’s all about balance/moderation.
    great tips!

  2. Razena says:

    These are such good tips and advice. I realized late last year that I had not really been saving much and couldn’t see where I was spending unnecessarily. Since I made a monthly budget and defined my fixed living expenses as well as other obligations I could see how much I could save every month towards a specific goal.

  3. Dr. K. Lee Banks says:

    We are finally getting to the point where we can save money. We have only had my hubby’s income for most of our lives together (15+ years), as I have had sporadic freelance income for about 10 years. I just got hired for my first ever full-time remote position about 6 months ago, and it’s so nice to be paying off debts and building up savings.

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