Rock Painting

One day I saw a few posts on a friends facebook page about rocks being painted and hidden, or they can hide that same rock in a different location. This was an ongoing thing around the city parks and any business that would like to take part. I thought it was an awesome idea, and a great project for the kids to do. I thought to myself, I would love to do this with the kids but, the only problem was they were doing this in a bigger city about 2 hours away from us.  I talked about this awesome rock painting for weeks and wished we could do something like that in our city. I even considered making a day trip to visit and go rock hunting.


One weekend we decided to visit my in-laws at their condo in Rockport, and the kids wanted to go to the play at the park. My in-laws suggested Memorial Park, they’ve tons of great things about this park and that they have a really nice play area. Once we arrived at the park the kids jumped out of the car and started running with excitement, they had a jungle gym, rocks to climb, and cool two-person swings. The kids were running around wanting to try everything, so we just followed behind. As we strolled around waiting till they were ready to go to the next area, my husband called me over to a tree he was standing next to. As I’m getting closer he tells me to look at the tree, and to my surprise, I see a painted rock!!! I was so excited, I called the kids over to look at it! Charlie thought it was the coolest thing to find a painted rock in the park.

Now that we have found a painted rock, we decided to keep it and paint a new rock then hide it at a later date. As we walk along the trails we found a few more rocks, these were a little harder to find, but the challenge was fun! This has started our never-ending hunt for painted rocks! Everywhere we go Charlie says “mom you think they have painted rocks here?” surprisingly, we found a few rocks in our home city, thanks to Charlie always being on the hunt!


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