Pottery Wheel

I purchased this pottery wheel on sale at Walmart and my boys love it. It is probably a little too old for them but whatever keeps them entertained and happy. I like to help do everything so I cut the packages open and let them take it out and set it up like the picture on the box. I like to read the instructions before we start, and this makes them antsy but they played with all the tools while they waited. The box said we need 4D batteries so once we found those we were good to go.

Once 4D batteries were found we were able to set up everything. Thankfully we found exactly what we needed if not there would have been two very upset boys in the house. I made the clay a uniform texture by wedging the clay, pushed it down and out with the heels of my hands several times. When the clay was ready and free of air pockets I let the boys take over and just told them what to do.

  1. make the clay into a ball
  2. wet your hands and your ball of clay
  3. place the ball of clay in the middle of the plate
  4. make a hole in the center of the ball to make a bowl (I helped a little here)
  5. place the red tool (pottery guide) around the bowl of clay                                                            (Tip: First coat the pottery guide with water/clay mixture (we forgot to do this part)
  6. turn pottery wheel on and put hands in clay form a deeper hole

I think everything was pretty good considering this was our first time trying the pottery wheel out, we forgot to coat pottery guide to help remove the bowl but it was still fun! They liked to watch the wheel spin even when we weren’t using it and they enjoyed playing with the clay because it made their hands dirty. Overall this was a great buy and best of all there was enough clay to do it about 10 more times. The boys loved everything about the pottery wheel!

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