Our mini vacation!

This past week we had the opportunity to visit The Great Wolf Lodge for the first time, my boys are one and four, and they absolutely loved this place! I would have to say their favorite thing to do was visit the indoor waterpark, which was 85 degree at all time, this worked out well for us since we decided to go in December. This waterpark was made specifically for kids, my oldest enjoyed climbing the treehouse and coming down the two waterslides only to do it all over again! I would have to say my youngest enjoyed the Cub Paw Pool, it was perfect for his age, he could walk in on his own and play at all the stations. It was only 18 inches deep so if he would fall he could get right back up, no worries of getting stuck underwater. They had waterslides for the older kids/adults too! Mine and my husbands favorite were “the toilet bowl one” as he called it, you would slide down into a funnel that would swirl you around until it pulled you into a small hole, then you would slide the rest of the way down. There is one more huge plus for this water park, it is only open to guest staying at the lodge, so as soon as you walked up the stairs you were able to ride the slide.


Storytime would probably come in second! All the children staying at the loge would meet in the lobby and would enjoy ‘snow’ for about 30 minutes, then they would bring out Willy, their mascot, and have a staff member read a book and do a dance with the kids. My oldest son enjoyed the dance, he even danced a little which is not normal for him, he is usually shy when it comes to dancing and singing but they got him up and moving!! I would defiantly recommend this place for a family vacation or a birthday party.


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