My Son’s first hunting trip!

My son always overhears my husband talking with others about hunting and how much fun it is being in the duck blind. Well, one day my son randomly said: “I want to go hunting with you, daddy.” Without skipping a beat Poppy (his grandfather) and my husband said, “Let’s GO”!! I think Poppy and Daddy had been patiently waiting for this day. At four years old it was time to introduce Charlie to hunting and get him hooked as much as they are! With the new addition, Poppy and Daddy had to make some last-minute adjustments to their duck blind so they took Charlie along to help with the chore. This adjustment to the duck blind was a great opportunity to see how Charlie would like being in the duck blind surrounded by water. Well turns out, Charlie loved being in the duck blind and couldn’t wait to go hunting the next morning.

Let the shopping begin!

It was forecasted to be a cold windy morning on the day of the hunt. So being the mamma bear that I am, I couldn’t let Charlie go outdoors with only a few layers of clothing! Knowing that I needed to invest in some hunting attire, we all loaded into the vehicle and made a visit to our local Walmart. With only the need of hunting gear on my mind, we made a visit to the hunting section of Walmart. My first stop was searching for proper ear protection. My husband advised me that there would be a lot of shooting inside the duck blind. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure that Charlie’s ears were well protected. While observing all of the options, I considered ear plugs but finally decided on ear muffs. I chose the ear muffs because I felt that earplugs could fall out easily (especially with a four-year-old) and Charlie wouldn’t be able to put them back in himself. The earmuffs that I selected covered Charlie’s whole ear and were nice and snug on him. There was no chance of the ear muffs accidentally falling off and his hearing was well protected.

Once I was happy with my ear muff selection, my next stop was the kids’ clothing section for camo clothing. After a few minutes of searching, I found some awesome warm-ups that actually came in Charlie’s size. The top came in camo, however, I was unable to locate a camo bottom. After searching for several minutes, I had to settle for a pair of light green pants. I continued searching and also found a camo hoodie that fit Charlie perfectly.
My last stop was finding proper shoes for the hunt. Knowing that water was involved, I decided on camo rain boots that Charlie picked out. Charlie was so excited about selecting the boots all by himself. With arms full of “huntin stuff” (as Charlie calls it) he ran for the nearest checkout line. I purchased the gear and off to the house we were. Charlie was now set for his first duck hunt!

Hunt Day!

The morning of the hunt Charlie jumped out of bed with about 3-4 hours of sleep. You would have thought it was Christmas morning with all of the excitement and lack of sleep. Charlie dressed himself (which is a challenge in itself) and was waiting patiently for Daddy who apparently was taking too long! Charlie must have said “Hurry up Daddy” about ten times that morning.  With about five layers of clothing (seriously) and a few snacks in Charlie’s pocket, out the door, they went. After only a few hours they returned with what they harvested. Charlie was smiling ear to ear and could not tell me about his experience fast enough. Charlie told me how much fun he had, explained the duck blind, and how he pointed out the ducks to Poppy and Daddy.

Now, this hunt happened a week ago and Charlie still talks about it on average about twice a day. There is no doubt that Charlie had an amazing time and wishes to do it again. I know that Poppy and Daddy had a great time with Charlie on this hunt and will be taking him back soon. They both enjoy teaching Charlie everything they know and explain to him why they are doing it. Although I’m not much of a hunter, I believe this experience is a great thing for all involved. Plus I love seeing the excitement in Charlie and my husband. I really appreciate that Charlie has great role models in his life and they both are very patient with him as he loves to ‘help’ which in fact probably slows them down but they still make him feel like he is very important and was needed in that project!

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