Ivan’s Birthday

Ivan’s birthday party turned out great! I was a little worried because I checked weather underground a few days before the party and it projected 50% chance of rain. I had already booked and paid for the location so we decided to wait until the day before to see what weather underground projected. Finally, it was the day before the party so I checked the weather again and it said there was a 20% chance of rain. That gave me a little relief knowing it might be a pretty day, I can deal with a little rain.


The day of the party turned out to be a beautiful day! It was a little windy but perfect weather for a party in the park. As soon as we arrived the kids helped unload the truck and ran off to play as we decorated for the party. The wind kept blowing our table covers away so we had to tape them but other than that it was all coming along great. After we got the table covers on we set out our food table and got the cheese and chili going for the hotdogs. Next, we set up a gift table and a fruit/cake table, while my husband was setting up the piñata. We finished setting up right on time! Normally we are ALWAYS running late and still setting up as out guest are arriving.


As everyone showed, up we let them serve themselves first so the food wouldn’t get cold. All the kids were at the playground brought them over to join us to eat. That wasn’t too hard because they were thirsty so we just convinced them to eat while they were there. As expected, the kids ran off to play as soon as they were done eating. Once everyone was done eating we started playing a few games. We played tug a war and musical chairs, the kids so much fun playing those two games we played them several times. To save a little time we passed out the cake as the kids were playing the games.


After the games and cake, it was time for the piñata! The kids started lining up so they could have their turn in hitting the piñata. Ivan went first since it was his birthday, then the other kids went after him, starting with the youngest child at the party. we all had a great time watching the kids beating up the piñata. Troy was controlling the rope so when they were ready to hit he would lift it out of their reach. Overall, they all got some good hits in and went crazy when it finally broke.


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