Date Night

Recently my husband and I had the rare chance of getting away from the two munchkins for the night. We consider these nights once in a blue moon kinda deals. It just so happened that we had my mother-in-law handy and was willing to watch over our two boys. So, as I packed an “away from mom for the night bag” my husband planned our night out on the town. Because I was busy with my own task I had no idea what he planned. This made for an awesome surprise! To begin, we dropped the boys off and took a 1.5-hour road trip to Sugarland, TX. (one of our favorite places). Our first stop was new to us restaurant called Antonia’s Cucina Italiana restaurant & bar. Italian food is hands down my favorite and my husband scored major points with this choice.The food and staff were phenomenal! Once we stuffed our faces with great food and a couple of glasses of wine, we were off to the next stop.



The next stop was a bar in Houston, TX called Firehouse Saloon. It seemed like a hole in the wall kind of place so I was really unsure of why we were at the location. It was only about two drinks in did I realize why we were at the location. Both my husband and I enjoy a Texas Native’s music by the name of Bart Crow who just so happen to be playing live there that night! We enjoyed a few alcoholic drinks and watched an awesome live show that never seems to amaze me! What a night it ended up being. At the conclusion of the show we headed home to retrieve our boys and enjoy a good night’s rest. I can’t wait for our next “once in a blue moon” nights!



  1. Terri Beavers says:

    Oh wow, I’m glad to see a young couple spending quality time together. It’s so important to stay connected. It looks like y’all had a wonderful time. It’s always refreshing when I take a break from the kids.

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