Cousin Fun!!

Charlie and Ivan love to hang out with their cousin Tanner! Charlie always checks to see if Tanner is home by peaking out the window and checking if their car is in the driveway. As soon as Tanner gets home, they will run and give each other a hug, then off to their adventures they go. They can always find something to get into, rather it is on the playground, trampoline, driving their cars in the driveway or another thing they enjoy is fishing in the pond.When it comes to the pond we have a golden rule, NO VISITING THE POND UNLESS AN ADULT IS WITH YOU! We have stressed to them how dangerous the pond can be, but we can still have fun with it.


We recently purchased a small fishing net from Walmart for 1.99, and the boys have not put it down. Walmart has tons of inexpensive toys that keep our children entertained and most we can reuse. This net was one of those purchases that we can use over and over again and they will not get tired of it. When the boys find something they like, Charlie always makes sure to get three, one for himself, Ivan, and Tanner. Once we got home with our new fishing nets the boys ran to get Tanner and could not wait to try them out.


Very carefully the boys will walk to the bridge on the pond, and place their nets into the water. When the kids put sticks in the pond the minnows swim away but come back. So as we put our nets in, we knew the minnows were going to swim away, but would be back about 30 seconds to one minute later and we were able to catch them! This is something the boys LOVE to do whenever they go outside and it’s an awesome feeling to see the glow on their faces when they see what they have caught. They get to see minnows up close and sometimes we will even catch some tadpoles, this allows us to see the difference between them. This is also a  great learning experience for them and will be talking about it for days to come

If you have any free time, you should grab a small net and see what you can catch with your little ones in a pond! But always be careful, watch your step and don’t forget to have fun!!!


Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
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