Reddot workout gloves

My husband has been a Police officer for 5 years and was promoted to a k9 handler two years ago. As a k9 officer, he not only uses his  k9 for drug detection but has continued to help patrol out as well.  Being attached to patrol for his five years, he is required to chase individuals and subdue people on a regular basis. So, working out is not just a hobby, it is a necessity with the line of work he is in.


My husband works out at least 4 to 5 times a week. Our local gym gives us a daily workout with a combination of running, bench press, prowlers, cleans, and deadlifts. Even though the workout is pretty intense, my husband usually works out again once we are home. The workout at home usually involves several reps utilizing dumbbells. He enjoys weightlifting (a lot!) and tries to improve his max every week but hates the calluses he gets on his hands. For this reason, we decided to try these Reddot workout gloves to prevent them from forming.



These gloves are awesome, they fit great, and last more than just a few workouts! The wrist brace can be adjusted depending on the width you need. They are lightweight, you can’t even tell they are on which is perfect because we’ve tried other workout gloves and they tend to be a little too bulky and roll up during the workout. Another thing that he loves about these gloves is the finger area includes tabs that make it easy to take off especially when his hands are sweaty. Overall these gloves are great for weightlifting and have done their job in preventing any further calluses from forming. Out of the many different brands that my husband has tried, his favorite by far is the Reddot workout 025gloves. Check them out here


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