MEIGO Magnetic Blocks

I have been looking for something other than Legos for Charlie, my oldest son,  to bring out his creative side. We’ve tried Legos and it doesn’t seem to spark his interest, but that might be because his younger brother knocks them down as soon as he starts to build something. I’ve noticed he has taken interest in magnets. So, when I saw these, I said we have to have them! These magnetic blocks are plastic, non-toxic and if they are left on the ground and stepped on I won’t be in pain for the next 15 minutes. That was a huge plus for me, I step on at least two toys a day and it so painful. The age range is  3+ so I knew they would be perfect for Charlie!




I talked to Charlie about this order and explained to him what all you can do with these magnets, he was very excited for this order to arrive. He had us check the mail every day hoping they would come in, thankfully the shipping was very fast! When they arrived, they were in a nice teal box neatly organize with an instruction book with different ideas on how to build things. It also came with a red velvet storage bag with a drawstring. I love the bag because when the boys are done playing they can pack them up and they are ready to grab and go if we heading to town that day or just dump them out and start playing again.

These MEIGO Magnetic Blocks are the best, we can do so much with them! We received the 30 piece set, that comes with squares and triangles. I love that they come in many colors to help with color recognition, they are thin and easy to hold on to.  They have a very strong magnetic hold, which helps when your building your models. The instruction book has so many ideas on things to make, this not only helps children build their shapes but also shows them how to follow directions. Really great quality for an affordable price. The boys never get bored with these magnetic blocks!

I know your kids will love these as much as mine do! I would love for you to surprise them with a magnetic set of their own and let their creative side come out. Go to and enter this code”KBH6GXD6” at checkout to receive your 10% off coupon!