Camping Trip


My husband grew up hunting, fishing, and camping, so he’s always sharing stories about his adventures. One day Charlie overheard him telling me about a camping experience he had with some friends and asked if we could go camping? Troy shared with him that you cook outside, sleep in a tent all night and make smores. Charlie loves smores and being outside so all this sounded so exciting to him! As expected, the next thing he said was “I WANT TO GO CAMPING” Troy explained to him again you have to sleep in the tent all night. He was so excited, all he said was let’s go, I don’t even think he heard anything Troy said.

My husband and I decided since this was our first real camping experience, other than the backyard, we would camp at Lake Texana, somewhere close to home.  While Troy was gathered our tent and flashlights, Charlie and I gathered all our cooking supplies, glowsticks/glow balloons, and games.  We were having hotdogs, chips, and juice for dinner so we packed an ice chest to keep our food cold. Of course, Charlie wouldn’t let me forget to add everything to make the smores.

When we looked at the weather there was a 50% chance, we thought we may have to cancel due to the weather but we heard of this rain-resistant tarp that goes over your tent. So, we decided to check it out because there was no way Charlie was going to let us cancel because of rain.  This waterproof rain fly tarp was made by WildVenture. Rain Fly is very durable, I felt safe under it and never worried about the wind taking it or the rain is too hard. It is 9.8′ x 9.3′ which works perfect for our tent, it adds the extra security and also provided shade when the sun came out! I love it because it is super compact and lightweight, just 3lbs. It is so light the kids carried it, while daddy and I have the heavier things.

Overall the kids loved their camping experience away from home, Charlie and Ivan enjoyed everything about camping, they would probably camp every night if they could. We may have started a new tradition with them. I’m so glad we found the WildVenture rain Fly Tent  Tarp, it saved our camping trip. The Fly Tent Tarp has multiple uses so we will be packing it on every trip just in case rain or shine! Find it here  if you would like to try it out!

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