Soniclear Elite Beauty Set


Soniclear Elite Beauty Set

This is absolutely my favorite face scrubber. It is so elaborate and the design is so pretty! I use this daily for deep cleaning my face. Although this set includes body scrub too, you can use it for feet, body, and face with the different brushes available!!  It has 6 speeds and a cashmere brush head!! This design has everything you need to make you feel like you are at a spa without the cost!!

This would make a wonderful Christmas Gift for that special someone or hard to buy someone in your life!

I have a tendency to get acne during “that time of the month”, yes, even at my age. This has been amazing, it keeps my oily skin under control. For the first time in a long time, I am able to use foundation.



  • Power Control Handle. Produces up to 300 sonic movements per second for 6x better cleansing than with hands alone.
  • Antimicrobial Daily Cleanse Brush. Gentle, effective daily cleanse brush. Brush bristles are sized and uniquely rounded at the tip for gentle, effective daily cleansing. Antimicrobial for stain and odor-causing bacteria protection.
  • Antimicrobial Body Brush Exfoliating body scrubber for smoother feeling skin. Antimicrobial for stain and odor-causing bacteria protection.
  • Multiple Speeds with C-Boost™ Technology. 6 sonic speeds for a customizable cleansing experience for your specific skin type and skin concerns. C-Boost provides a pulsating massage designed to rev-up your skincare regimen.
  • Cleansing Timer. Built-in automatic timer beeps to remind you to move to the next cleansing area.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable. Provides up to an hour of continuous use on a single charge.
  • Waterproof. Fully waterproof for use in the shower and bath.
  • Comfort Grip. Soft, non-slip grips are provided for increased comfort and to prevent slipping, an extra plus when using in the shower.
  • Charging Stand. Upright cradle for storage and charging.
  • Antimicrobial Product Protection. Safe, effective and long lasting LIFE Antimicrobial Product Protection is built into the brush head to protect against stain and odor-causing bacteria so brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer. Won’t wash out or wear off for the life of the brush.
  • Warranty. The Soniclear Elite has an industry leading 5 year limited warranty against defects.
  • Deluxe Accessory Group. With the Deluxe version of the Elite, you also get our antimicrobial PEDI treatment head for smoothing foot care, Extension Handle, convenient Shower Organizer and hard shell Travel Case.Antimicrobial 
    protected brush is a
    REAL cleansing 
    innovation! The inventors of Soniclear recognized that skin cells and moisture remaining on the brush heads between uses can create conditions for bacteria to grow. So all Soniclear brush bristles, the base to which the bristles are attached and the protective cap are treated during the manufacturing process with proprietary LIFE® antimicrobial product protection – a soniclear exclusive – to help guard against the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. Traditional skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection. The antimicrobial protection in Soniclear is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency to guard against stain and odor-causing bacteria on the Brush Heads of your Soniclear. In laboratory tests, surfaces treated with the antimicrobial in Soniclear showed 99.9% inhibition of stain and odor-causing bacteria after 24 hours compared with an untreated control. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial product protection in Soniclear Brush Heads will not wash out or wear off for the normal life of the brush so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer.Antimicrobial product protection is not a substitute for good hygienic practices nor is it intended to protect the user from disease-causing microorganisms. We recommend that you clean the Brush Heads with warm soapy water before and after each use and not share Brush Heads for sanitary reasons.

Femjolie Flat Iron


This Femjolie hair straightener is the best straightener I’ve owned! I love how sleek and shiny it left my hair when I was done straightening it, it doesn’t pull on my hair like other ones I’ve owned in the past. It has around edges so you can curl the ends of your hair as well. It is so easy to travel with because of the thin sleek design, it even comes with a heat resistant pouch to store while cooling down. You can also use the bag as a carrying bag.


My favorite part is the touchscreen, it allows you to turn it on/off and adjust the temperature just by a tap, which by the way goes up to 450 degrees! The screen also locks automatically after 30 seconds to prevent you from accidentally changing the temperature settings while straightening your hair. If for any reason you need to change the temperature after it is locked all you do is double tap the power button and it is unlocked, simple as that! One more thing that makes this straightener awesome, is that it has a 30-minute auto shut off. So, if you forget to unplug or turn it off, no worries it will be done for you in 30 minutes. Here is a promo code  FEMSOCIAL20
for  20% off!!


Asani Rose Gold Tri-Fold Mirror

This Asani Rose Gold Tri-Fold Mirror Is awesome, I love how bright the 21 LED lights give off the perfect amount of light for me to do my makeup or tweeze. It’s so bright I can still see even if I don’t have my restroom light on. It has two on/off switches, one in the back and the other is a touch button on the mirror. The switch comes in very handy when the kids are around because they have seen me use the touch button and they want to use it as well. When I’m not using my mirror I can turn the switch off so it can’t be turned on accidentally or by the kids



This tri-fold mirror has a full mirror in the center and the right side has two magnifications 2x and 3x, it also adjusts up and down as needed. These magnifications make it so much easier to tweeze and apply makeup. One of my favorite parts of the Asani Tri-Fold Mirror is that you can use four AAA batteries to power it on or by using the USB cord it came with. Being able to use batteries to power it on is great for traveling because that is one less cord I have to keep up with. Another thing that makes it travel-friendly is the base is removable for easy packing. It also comes with a separate 10x round mirror that stays in my purse at all times.


You can’t go wrong with this Asana Tri-Fold Mirror, it would be a perfect gift all the women in your life! They will appreciate you for it, it makes everything so much easier. Find it here


I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.