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As I’ve mentioned before I am a stay at home mom of two boys, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. Although I love the fact that I can stay home with my boys, I feel it is time for me to get my pre-baby body back! I have felt myself slacking and not working out as much as I used to. Therefore, my husband and I have both decided to start the Atkins diet together. I like when he diets with me so he can help me stay on track. When my husband diets he sticks with it no matter how much temptation is put in front of him. I love to eat so I fall for all the tempting goodies.

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I weighed 124 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with my first son Charlie five years ago. I weighed 136 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with Ivan two years ago. During both pregnancies, I snacked and craved all different kinds of food, especially sweets! I easily gained about 30-35 pounds during my pregnancies, which according to my doctor is normal. I was ok with gaining the weight because I knew both the boys were healthy and gaining the weight they needed. Although I was ok with the weight gain I was a bit concerned with how I was going to lose the weight. With that being said I feel the need to let everyone know that both Charlie and Ivan were born a healthy 8 pounds each!

Anyways, back to my issue with losing my extra weight. After doing some research, my husband and I felt the Atkins diet was the best choice for our lifestyle. We both really were drawn to the variety of foods you can eat while on the diet. The Atkins diet even includes their own frozen premade meals and shakes. This is very convenient for the both of us with our busy schedules.

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So, after selecting our preferred diet, the shopping began! This was fun for the whole family. I had never heard of some of the items required in the diet. We spent a great deal of time in the vegetable and fruit area. I’m not a huge fan of vegetables so, to be honest, I was becoming reluctant in our decision to diet. My husband can read me like a book and saw my hesitation. He provided me with a little pep talk in which led to us making a promise to one another to give it a month. So, after purchasing our items we were off to the house to “prep” or meals. The preparation was also fun for the family because everyone participated in making the meals. Once completed we placed our new meals in the refrigerated and off to bed we went. The plan was to get a good nights sleep and began our new healthy lifestyle journey. Stay tuned for an update and to see if I can keep my promise!


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