About Me

Hi! My name is Jesusa. I am named after my grandmother who passed away some years ago. The crazy thing is, my older cousin is also named Jesusa. She was also named after our grandmother. Family functions can get confusing sometimes for us both. Typically when we go places together she refers to herself as Jessica so they won’t confuse us. Anyway, more about my activities and family!

In my spare time, I love to write and blog about the activities we do as a family. The kids and I love to get creative doing projects and crafts, both indoors and outdoors. We also enjoy traveling, camping, working out and pretty much anything that has us outdoors. My boys would live outside if we let them! Sometimes we pitch a tent in the backyard just to play in. The boys spend all day outside playing in the backyard tent and jumping on the trampoline they got as a Christmas Gift. It gets tiring watching them go back and forth from the tent to the trampoline all day. When we can, we also love traveling to Texas State Parks. We do it so often the kids even have a routine when getting ready to leave for a park. The boys assist by packing a toy bag and their favorite snacks for the road.


I am a full-time wife and mom to two lovely boys! My oldest son’s name is Charlie and the youngest is Ivan. Charlie is 4 years old and Ivan just turned 2 years old this year. The two have a love-hate relationship. Ivan wants everything Charlie has and will fight for it, but also has a meltdown when Charlie isn’t around. Charlie seems to be the calm one compared to Ivan who seems to wake up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time. Charlie is a huge help to me and is a fantastic big brother. I have observed Charlie give Ivan whatever he wants to help keep him happy. However, brothers will be brothers. Every now and then I have to step in and break up a fighting match which usually involves prying the two apart.

This blog would not be complete without mentioning my husband. I am married to a loving and caring Police Officer who is also a K9 handler. He is a very hard worker, so we as a family take full advantage of his days off and go on mini adventures. This year will be our 5 year anniversary. Time has flown by!

Thanks for stopping by!