6 Ways To Keep Cool In The Heat

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

Although summer is well underway, it is never too late to start thinking about ways in which you can keep yourself cool. With temperatures due to soaring over the next few months, you need to be sure you are as prepared as you can be when it comes to cooling down. Whether you try to plan around the heat or you invest in a portable charger, you need to put your health first this summer. With that in mind, here are 6 ways to keep cool in the heat: 



  • Wear Comfortable Clothing


One of the best ways to ensure you’re staying cool in the heat is to think about the clothes that you’re wearing. Although you may feel as though the best option is to wear as little as you possibly can, often it comes to down to the type of material you are wearing. Materials like cotton and silk are problematic when it comes to heat, so you might want to switch them for something breathable like linen. For a guide to the best materials to wear during summer, you can visit this site here. 



  • Stay Out Of The Sun During Peak Hours


The sun is at its strongest during the hours of 12 and 3, so you may want to consider avoiding the sun during those hours. If you’re out and about and finding it hard to stay out of the sun, make sure you’re taking regular breaks to sit in the shade with a refreshing drink. Not only will it help keep you cool, but it will help prevent you from getting sunstroke. 



  • Find Places With Air Conditioning


Another great way to keep cool during high temperatures is to seek out places with air conditioning. Whether this means finding restaurants and stores with AC or ensuring the holiday property you’re renting has a unit, you need to be sure you have the option to go and relax in an air-conditioned room if you need to. 

If you’re living in a hot country and struggling to keep your house cool, you may want to consider buying a unit from an AC parts store



  • Carry A Portable Fan


If you don’t have the option to dip in and out of places that have air conditioning, you may want to consider carrying around a portable fan of your own. Although they’re not as powerful, it will definitely help in the short term. 



  • Use A Misting Spray

Similarly, using a misting spray is a great short term way to keep yourself cool. If you’re out and about and have limited access to shade, this may be your best option. To buy misting spray, you can visit this site here. 



  • Drink Plenty Of Water


Finally, you need to ensure you are drinking as much water as you possibly can. Not only will it help keep you cool but it will help prevent sunstroke. 

Are you looking for ways to ensure you’re staying cool this summer? What do you need to do? Let me know in the comments section below.

The Best Ways To Avoid The Trove Of Unwanted Gifts After A Wedding

It’s a part of just about any wedding reception. You’re opening gifts with your new spouse, delighting in all the thoughtful ways that your loved ones have helped you start your wedding off with excellent gifts. Then you open one that has you exchanging furtive, understanding looks with your spouse. Some gifts are going to be duds but what can you do with the gifts you have no time or use for and what can you do to prevent them in the first place?

Assorted Gift Boxes on Red Surface



Welcome gift cards

Sometimes, you might have no idea as to what, exactly, you want, and your guests aren’t going to have a clue if you don’t. Instead of simply letting them go wild, you can offer them an easy out by recommending gift cards. A lot of people like to avoid giving gift cards because they don’t have the sentimental or immediate value that a wrapped-up gift might have. However, if you offer that out, you can be sure some desperate wedding attendees are going to take it. It’s a way for them to avoid handing over cash directly, which some people don’t like, and still, offer you plenty of versatility in what you eventually end up using it for. Gift cards deserve more appreciation!


Make cash an option

You might have no qualms about asking your closest friends or family members to consider cash instead of giving a physical gift. Some might worry it looks a little tacky, but few gifts are quite so comprehensive in their appeal or quite as versatile. However, if you’re putting together a list of suggestions or registry, you could phrase it more diplomatically. For instance, you can phrase as “help pay for the honeymoon” or “new home fund”, showing your loved ones the value of money as a gift, rather than just a pure dollar value.


Don’t be shy about what you want

Online registries make it all the simpler to list out exactly what you need or want, taking the stress out of choosing for your loved ones. When creating registries, it’s important to manage your expectations of how much you can expect people to give and to include gifts in all price ranges so that they have options. Seeing a registry full of triple-digit figures can be imposing and even a little insulting to some. You can also set up an online wishing well for cash gifts. They’re even more secure than physical wedding wishing wells as, unfortunately, we’ve all heard stories about the wedding funds going missing due to a few imposters or even opportunists lurking amongst the guests.

Brown Cookies



Suggest some alternatives

You should always manage your expectations on who you can expect gifts from and how much they’re willing or able to give. Traditional wedding etiquette goes out the window if someone doesn’t have the budget for a lavish gift, so instead of being bogged down with low-cost knick-knacks, recommend some alternative gifts that cost nothing you would appreciate if someone lets you know they might not able to splash the cash. You could ask them to bake something for you if that’s their talent, or for a free babysitting session so you and your spouse can have a date in the future. You can be mindful of their trouble with buying gifts while still making it feel like they are appreciated for what they can offer.


Turn your gifts into cash

The tips above can all help you mitigate the likelihood of being buried by a pile of unwanted gifts but, realistically, you should expect at least a couple of duds along the way. If you don’t know what to do with a gift, then you can always consider having it converted into cash. Some people are aware of the risk of having given an unwanted gift and will include a receipt, but that isn’t super common. Some stores may allow returns without a receipt, so finding out where it came from and making a request could still help. Otherwise, you could always sell it online. You might not get as much as its full value in return, but it’s better than getting nothing but a gift you don’t know what to do with hanging around, taking up space. If you can’t get cash for it, you can always check online swapping sites to see if you can at least get some value out of it through a different item in return.


You can always donate

If everything else fails, then you shouldn’t let a gift simply go to waste. For some unwanted items, like those that are unfortunately personalized in some way, it can be harder to get rid of them, but most items will have a good home waiting for them. Online donation sites are connecting people more directly with those who really need them. Even if you feel a little bad about simply giving away a gift that someone put thought or money into, you can rest well knowing that you’ve done a good deed.

White and Black Heart Printed Accessory



Be grateful

Unwanted gifts are unfortunate. But those who make a point of addressing them are nothing short of a disaster. Be kind to your guests, even if you have reason to suspect there is some ill-will behind a misbegotten gift. Don’t hold it against them, don’t call them out, and don’t insult their gift. Send them a thank you note as genuine as you would for anyone else. If someone does discover that you have since disposed of an unwanted gift, it can be a little tricky, but it should still be handled with understanding. Regardless of what the gift might be and how unwanted it may be, it still took some thought and investment, so don’t forget to show your gratitude.


Navigating unwanted wedding gifts can be tricky but, hopefully, some of the tips above show you a way to do it without losing your friends and family. At the end of the day, try not to worry about it too much. They’re only going to occupy your mind if you fixate on them.

The Best Ways To Keep You and Your Family Safe – On the Road

We all love the convenience of owning a car – don’t we?  And it can be especially useful when you have a family.

Smiling Man and Woman Sitting Inside Vehicle


The school run, dropping your kids off at sports practice, taking them to the soft play center – whatever it is.  Even everyday activities like shopping can be really difficult when there’s a houseful of you – but no transport.


So we wouldn’t, for a minute, suggest you don’t continue to use yours – just drive safely, that’s all.  


So how do you drive safely?

Always wear a seat belt

It goes without saying really, doesn’t it, but seat belts save lives – so make sure you always wear yours.  Emphasize their importance to your kids too – and tell them never to share belts between them.


Fortunately, many newer vehicles now come with alarms to warn you if you’ve failed to click on your seatbelt before setting off.  But, if yours is not one of those, get into the habit of making it the first thing you do – whenever you get in the car.


Photo of Family On Seashore



Don’t drive too fast…or slow

This is another given really, but never drive too fast – particularly when you have the family on board. The quicker you go, the worse any impact will be if you hit something – and it’s much harder to stay in control. 


Stay within the speed limit wherever you are and, conversely, don’t drive really slowly either, if you can help it.  This can also be dangerous: try to stick to an average speed and you’ll avoid the risk of causing a pile-up.

Man Holding the Steering Wheel While Driving



And never when you’re tired

It can be difficult, we know – everyone can have a bad night’s sleep but still need to get to work on time.  But try as much as you can not to drive when you’re tired – and never at all when you feel slightly drowsy. 


It’s a myth that stopping for coffees or rolling down the window to get some air will help bring you round. Don’t ask other people to talk loudly, or play the radio, to try to feel more alert either – tt just isn’t safe.


One advantage of having a dashcam fitted in your car is that it can warn you when you start to feel tired.  Has another busy person said ‘I’m going to blackboxmycar to you, for example?  Now you’ll understand what they meant – and know just how important this is.


Avoid distractions

Of course, we all know you shouldn’t ever use your phone, text or do anything else that distracts you when driving.  But make sure any little ones are also aware that it’s no time for them to make too much noise either. Ask them to stay calm when you’re out in the car – and provide distractions for them like puzzles or books, perhaps.


Always plan ahead

And finally, always try to plan ahead before you set out  – whether that’s a short or longer journey.  You’re more likely to make mistakes if you feel unsure of the area you’re in or where you’re going, after all.

People Looking at Laptop Computer



We hope these few tips have given you something to think about – before you and your family next get into the car.  And by taking these bits of advice on board, you and your family will be equipped to always stay safe – out on the road.

Community Matters, But Do You Know How?

Wherever you are and wherever you live, you are part of a community. And it’s so important for you to know that it matters. Your community is made up of people, and you all have common needs that you should want to work on and meet together. Yet, it’s not always easy to know how, or how you can contribute to making your community a better place. Let’s take a look.


Community Needs

 To start with, you need to understand the needs. Typically speaking, this will be the environmental, economic, and societal needs that need to be met with the right natural resources. And this is where the issue usually lies because we all need to find how to balance this all out and live sustainably.


Managing Resources

 So then comes the managing of resources. By understanding how we live, and how we use energy, water, and land, and how the community usually works, we can make that happen. Companies and governing bodies can support that, but we as a community need to make sure that we’re managing our resources responsibly and sustainably too.


Working Together

 By working together to cut our usage, emissions, and manage our resources more effectively, it can help. Working towards different community schemes, prioritizing energy efficiency and new ideas, and embracing sustainability can make all the difference.


For more information on creating a sustainable community, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Norwich University

5 Simple Tricks To Build A Happier Home Environment



Home is where the heart is, and you deserve to fall in love with your property time and time again. If you are going to achieve those positive outcomes, though, it’s essential that you learn to make the right upgrades.

While we all dream about the big indoor swimming pool or other luxury goods, the truth is that the simple additions are often the best. Here are five that should be on your checklist.


1| Make It Safe

A safe home is a happy home. In truth, you’ll never truly relax in your property unless it is made to feel secure. Given that the threat of burglary is greater than ever, investing in home security features is advised. Meanwhile, you need to invest in fire alarms and know how to spot the signs of damp or other issues. Finally, if you have mobility issues or any other form of additional needs, you must adapt the home accordingly. 


2| Allow Yourself The Chance To Relax

The home is your retreat. It is a place to lock yourself away from the worries of the world, which is why equipping it with some basic luxuries can make a world of difference. A quality bathtub supported by candles and music can be very comforting, as can a comfy bed. Meanwhile, even a mug of comforting coffee removes your stress. Coffee Luwak is a particularly popular solution. Set aside a small space for reading, artwork, or another hobby for optimal results.


3| Choose Simple Upgrades

All homes need a little TLC from time to time. However, extensive works like extensions and loft conversions aren’t always necessary. You can breathe new life into the home with painting and other simple jobs. Taking the time to consider key elements before any makeover is essential. Improvements that add value to the property, as well as your daily life, are the best options by far. Meanwhile, time constraints should be considered. After all, spending months living in what looks like a construction site can be very unhappy.


4| Inject Your Personality 

A property is just four walls and a roof. But a home is something that provides you with a sense of comfort and belonging. Stamping your character on the property is particularly important at this time. Photobox allows you to print your family photos onto canvases, which can be great. Holiday souvenirs, music memorabilia, and celebrations of your life achievements all work wonders. Making the property feel like home is truly the most important ingredient for happiness. Embrace it.


5| Get Organized

Creating a positive home environment is only half of the battle. You also need to keep it that way. Good organization is a must. A good decluttering session will work wonders while creating extra storage spaces around the home will help too. Cleanliness is perhaps the most telling factor, though. Simple tricks like fixing the TV to a wall can make life a lot easier while a host of household tech can be used for these purposes. 


Use the above points to establish the right foundations, and you will see positive results in next to no time.