The Signs Of A Good Education

We all know that the education a child receives is one of the most reliable indicators of what kind of life they will lead in adulthood. The most successful people are generally those with the best education, and that success means both in the world of work and in social settings too. You will, therefore, appreciate as a parent what it means to allow your children to have access to the best education there is in your area. Unfortunately, a basic social division that still exists means that not all families can afford the best, so many of us will have to find other ways to make the most of the education our children have. It can be helpful therefore to know about some of the clear indicators of a good education. Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious which you should focus on.

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For an education to be as effective as you want it to be, it should offer a very varied picture of the world, and provide as much different information as possible. It’s no good just being educated in one thing very well – your children need to have a strong, solid foundation in a range of areas, and you should look for those schools and systems which appear to be especially good at providing exactly that. One way to be sure that this is the case is if there are a lot of school trips to interesting places, kids STEM camps, and similar – and that shows an appreciation of what variety can do for education. With this kind of variety, most children will be more interested in their education and get a lot more out of it.



Good education needs not only to hold the children to account in terms of occasionally testing their knowledge and abilities – but it also needs to be accountable itself. There is a certain amount of truth in the fact that children own their own education, but an educational facility should take ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the children are getting the best chance they can at succeeding with their education. If you can find an educational institution which approaches things in this way, you will generally find that it is likely to be a much more trustworthy one and one you might want to consider.

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For each subject taught, there should be a considerable depth to the amount of information presented and tested. You don’t want your children to have a light smattering of a range of topics, but a deep understanding of them. Good thoroughness often comes from homework, so if there is plenty of homework for your children to bring home then you know that they are probably getting a fairly thorough education on the whole. Your children should be able to talk about subjects at length, not just briefly, and if they can then you should find that you have found a good school. This is one of the most important signs of all.

Top Gifts For Dads To Buy Their Young Daughters

Dads, we know how difficult it is when it comes to having to buy a present for your daughters! And we’re here to help! Take a look at our list of top gifts for young girls in order to give you some ideas and inspiration when it comes to buying toys for birthday or Christmas.


Barbie Storey Beach House

If your little girl is a fan of Barbie, which let’s face it most are, then this is the perfect gift for them. This Barbie Beach House is the ideal dollhouse for your girl’s little dolls to play in. It is a beautiful purple and pink in style. It features a stunning spiral staircase and floors full of fun. The dollhouse comes with an accessory set, this is highly beneficial because most of these toys require the parents to go out and spend extra money on accessories as well.


Novelty Pajamas

There are so many great designs available for kids today when it comes to pajamas. You can opt for cartoon-themed PJs or you could choose something with a seasonal design. A lot of parents buy their kids pajamas at Christmas especially.


KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

This kid’s kitchen is bound to put a smile on your little girl’s face. Role-playing toys are highly popular among children because they allow them to enter a world of imagination. This kid’s kitchen features a sleek and girly style. The kitchen has a pink, white and silver color scheme – it looks modern and stylish. The fun to be had with this toy is seemingly endless. The features that it boasts include the following; a washing machine, a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave, a sink, a pan, two spatulas, a pot, click and turn knobs and much more.


KidKraft Fun and Funky Vanity and Stool

This funky vanity table will add heaps of personality and character to your little girl’s bedroom. They will relish the chance to sit at their vanity table and try out new hairstyles and different looks. This table and set has a white base color and then features splashes of zebra print throughout. It also boasts a mirror which is in the shape of a heart. This is something that your daughter won’t expect you to buy her, but is assured to love!


Le Toy Van Honeybake Breakfast Set

As mentioned earlier, children love role-playing toys. However, they can be quite expensive, thus if you are looking for a cheaper option then this is just that. This breakfast set is simply adorable. It features a pale blue, red and white style which is super cute. The accessories that come with this set are as follows; a pop-up toaster, two slices of bread, plates, knives, a cup, a bowl, a boiled egg with soldiers, a croissant, a honey pot, strawberry, fruit, a salt pop, a pepper pot, and a wooden tray. Your child won’t be short of choice when it comes to deciding what to make for breakfast!

How To Lower School Printing Costs

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Is your school spending too much money on printing? It’s thought that schools are some of the biggest consumers of paper and printer ink. Fortunately, printing doesn’t have to be a big expense and there are lots of ways to save money. Here are several ways in which you can cut printing costs in your school/class.


Source printing supplies online

Paper and ink costs can soon add up if you’re not taking the time to shop around. Being selective of where you shop for these supplies can make a big impact – most general school suppliers will charge a premium. Sites like offer great deals on supplies, as well as the option of collecting points that you can then spend to get free printing supplies. Even with the added cost of delivery, you could make big savings compared to buying these supplies elsewhere.


Try refillable ink

Refillable ink cartridges can be another way to save money. You simply buy ink and can then refill each cartridge once it runs out. Refillable ink cartridges can only be refilled a certain amount of times, so bear this in mind. Some people also find that they affect print quality – especially with colors – so you may want to limit using these for black and white documents.


Bring in printing quotas

Giving each pupil a printing quota can also help to reduce costs by reducing the number of unnecessary documents printed off. This could be a quota per class or a quota for the entire year’s work. Going over this quota could result in pupils having to pay. This can be a very effective way of reducing printing costs but needs to be strictly enforced.


Start accepting hand-ins digitally

Rather than getting pupils to print off work, you could also start encouraging people to hand in work digitally. This can help to reserve paper and ink. Free apps like Showbie make handing in work online easy – you can mark and annotate work just as if you were marking it with a pen. Some schools set up their own work portals for handing in assignments online, however, this may cost more to set up.


Unplug printers when not in use

Aside from ink and paper, printers can also use up a lot of power. Make it a habit of unplugging your school printers at the end of each day when they are no longer needed for use. This is particularly important with older printers, which are likely to be less energy efficient (when upgrading printers, it’s worth looking into energy-efficiency – you can usually find product energy star ratings online).

12 Ways To Stay Fit and Feeling Good As A Broke Student

If you’re a broke student, you might think that all hope is lost for you right now. Many broke students don’t think that it’s within their budget to be fit and healthy, or even feel good for that matter. Well, this is incorrect. There are actually quite a few things you can do if you want to stay fit and feeling good as a broke student. Below we’ll talk you through 12 of these things:


  1. Use A Cashback Site

First off, have a cashback site bookmarked on your browser ready to use for whatever you’re buying. You might be buying workout gear, some protein powder, or something else – whatever it is, you can get cashback for it. It may only be a small amount per purchase depending on what it is you buy, where from, and the rate, but this can really add up over time.


  1. Use A Coupon App Before Buying Anything

Before you buy anything, ensure you look for discounts and coupons, too. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing an app called ‘Honey’, as this app automatically looks for and applies voucher codes for you to help you get money off. You don’t have to waste any time, as the app does all the work. It’s pretty neat!


  1. Look On Second-Hand Sites For Items

Be smart about what you buy if you don’t need to buy it brand new. You can probably buy a ton of workout equipment, as well as workout clothing on sites like eBay and Depop. A lot of this stuff will be close to new and you’ll get it for a bargain.


  1. Get Into The Routine Of Working Out At Home Or Outdoors

You don’t need a gym membership to get fit. You can do home workouts with the help of YouTube videos, or even an app. You can also go running outdoors, or use a setting such as a park to get a good workout in. If you can workout in your garden, that’s probably a little better – many people prefer to get out of the house to work out as it helps them to get in the zone.

Grayscale Photography of Five People Walking on Road



  1. Be Smart With The Clothes You Buy

Some people don’t realize that they have feet small enough to fit into what’s classed as kids shoes. The shoes are exactly the same but a fraction of the price. If you can fit into the kid’s version, save yourself some cash – just don’t try to do this if your feet are too big, as you’ll cause issues with your feet later on.


  1. If You Can’t Make At Least Two Meals Out Of Something Don’t Buy It

When you’re food shopping, you need to think about how many meals you will get out of whatever it is you’re buying. If you don’t get a minimum of two meals out of whatever it is you’re buying, then don’t do it. You’ll get so much more bang for your buck this way and you’ll avoid wasting money on one time snacks.


  1. Always Eat Leftovers Later

If you have leftovers, don’t waste them. Make another meal out of them for the next day’s lunch. Never waste food if you can help it!


  1. Focus On A Healthy Sleeping Pattern

Healthy sleep has as much to do with your fitness as working out. Making sure you’re getting 8 hours a night can be tough for a student, but it’s definitely possible. Below you’ll find some pointers that can help you to sleep better at night:

  • Stay away from technology at least an hour before sleep so you can drop off.
  • Dim the lights and get into a bedtime routine that helps you to feel relaxed.
  • Rather than watching TV, read a book.
  • Stop consuming caffeine earlier on in the day so it’s not keeping you awake at night. Stick to caffeine free tea as a bedtime drink if you want something other than water.
  • Make sure your room is as dark as possible as the slightest light can interrupt sleep.
  • Use an alarm clock that simulates sunrise/sunset so that you can drop off and wake up naturally.


  1. Find Ways To Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress is common for a student, but this doesn’t mean you just have to put up with it. Finding ways to reduce your stress levels will help you both in your fitness and your studies. Here are some helpful pointers for this:

  • Get into a good routine with your schoolwork so you don’t have to cram or do too much at once. Give yourself plenty of time and start in advance.
  • Take regular short breaks away from the screen and technology to help you stay focused.
  • Do some yoga, pilates, or another form of relaxing exercise that helps you to focus on your breathing.
  • Take deep breaths. It’s simple but effective!
  • Practice self care regularly. Take a hot bath, practice some hobby you have, etc.

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  1. Eat Slower

When eating, don’t be tempted to wolf down your food. Take your time to chew properly and eat slowly, so that you can really listen to the signals of your body telling you that it’s full.


  1. Don’t Ever Go Shopping Hungry

Going shopping hungry will mean spending double compared to what you’d usually spend. Make sure you eat before you go, and always take a list so that you stick to what you need.


  1. Make Small Lifestyle Changes

Small lifestyle changes really can add up if you’re serious about making a change. They’re great because you might not even notice that you’re getting more active. Things, like using the stairs instead of taking the lift, can be a big help. Aim to walk more if you can, even cycle if you enjoy that. Consider all of the lifestyle changes you can make and slowly begin to implement them.


How will you stay fit as a broke student? Let us know in the comments!