A Little Freedom for You and the Kids

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As joyful as being a family is, sometimes, you just need a bit of space from each other. The kids need to feel that they are trusted enough to have their independence from time to time and you need to get some adult alone time in too.

While there isn’t a clear cut method that works for everyone, working out a way for your whole family to recharge and take some time alone is a really good idea. If nothing else, spending some time apart will give you new things to talk about!

Weeks Apart

When you are feeling run down but the kids are full of energy, it can be really difficult to keep everyone happy. The summer holidays are a key time for this as the kids are at home and getting bored quickly.

A kids camp like Camp Regis AppleJack is a great idea. You can send your kids along knowing that they are going to have a brilliant time doing all the activities and making friends and you can have some peace. There are different age groups and you can send your kids for the full season of just part of it for the first time.

Weekends Apart

Spending a day or two apart is much less extreme and can be really beneficial for very young children and their parents. Kids who have separation anxiety may need a bit more support, to begin with, but gradually learning to spend time apart is a good way to boost their self-confidence.

Sleepovers are a lot of fun and if your child has a close friendship group, it’s a good idea for the parents to organize some sort of rota. That way, you get to have a couple of nights off for every night you are hosting the party. Sleepover hosting is pretty easy too since you can stick on a nice film, fill them up with pizza and popcorn and let them get on with making a fort to sleep in. Just remember you’ll need to supply breakfast too.

Evenings Apart

Having an evening a week to do an activity that is just yours is a really important way to assert your personality away from home. Whether you are a grown-up looking for people your own age to hang out with, or a kid who needs time to run around, evening activities are ideal.

Some kids go all out for activities and want to do everything but others might need a bit of a push. Encourage your kids to try lots of new things and then choose an activity they would like to do each week. Choosing is an important part of learning, so give your child this freedom even if they are only really choosing from pre-approved options!

Spending time apart is a good way to strengthen family bonds as when you come together again, you will likely appreciate each other more and have plenty to share. Getting stuck in a rut is a normal problem for families but as you can see, the list of remedies is long enough to accommodate everyone.

Important Things To Consider Before Giving Your Home A Makeover


There comes a time when many of us decide to give our homes a makeover.


The decor might be worn or dated. Our tastes may have changed over time. We might want to make a few changes to accommodate children or pets. And if we plan to sell our homes in the near future, we might want to give certain rooms a makeover to increase home value. These are all excellent reasons to consider making a few changes, and for all we know, you might currently be arming yourself with a paintbrush and a nail gun ready to make some alterations yourselves. However, before you get to work, there are some important things you need to consider.


#1: Do you need to hire the professionals?

Okay, so you may be able to change your light bulbs. And your skills with a paintbrush may be out of this world. But if you don’t consider yourself a DIY pro, then there are some jobs you shouldn’t attempt alone. Especially when dealing with gas, electric, and plumbing systems, you might cause both yourself and your home an injury if you rely on your skills (or lack of) to tackle certain renovation jobs. Therefore, seriously consider hiring a local tradesman to do them for you. And even when it comes to carpeting and wallpapering, you might want to hire somebody else if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Carpet One installs carpets, so have a word with them if you’re planning on upgrading your flooring, and find a decent painter and decorator if you’re in any way lacking in this area. Considering our next point, you might only waste money if you don’t do your home makeover jobs properly.


#2: What is your budget?

Sure, you might want to create the home of your dreams, but if the cost is astronomical, then you might want to limit yourself to what you can realistically afford. You might want to limit yourself to one room at a time, for example, so even if you can’t give your home a complete makeover, you can still have the pleasure of one or two rooms with a fresh design. If you don’t budget properly, you might start work and then have to leave a room unfinished because you have run out of money. And as stated in our last point, this may be the result of a bodge job you have made yourself, especially if you need to start again on any aspect. By setting a budget, you can work out what you can afford to spend, with some wiggle room in case of any mistakes or unexpected costs. This will help you make wise decisions as to which areas of your home to renovate, and will give you cause to look for ways to save money on your makeover.


#3: What are your practical needs?

Think about why you are giving your home a makeover in the first place. Even when making changes to refresh your home’s look, you might want to take into account practical aspects of your life before starting work. If you have children, for example, you might want to look for ways to make your home child-friendly, such as adding easy-to-clean flooring or wallpaper. If you are considering selling your home in the future, you might want to avoid any decor that is too personal to your tastes, opting for something more neutral instead. You might only reduce your home’s value, otherwise. And think about such things as pets, houseguests, and your passions and hobbies. When making over your home, you might want to consider these and other factors when thinking about your practical needs at home.


Thanks for reading!