3 Corners Of The Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

If you are hoping to live a life which is as conscious of others as possible, there are plenty of considerations to take on board. One of the most important, however, is always going to be that you aim to cause or be a part of, as little cruelty as possible – whether that means towards other humans or towards different species around the world. Living this kind of lifestyle requires a strong conscience and no small amount of effort on your part to ensure that you are not encouraging or supporting cruel practices. At first, you might be surprised at how much you need to pay attention to if you are to successfully live the cruelty-free lifestyle. To help you out, we have gathered here just a few of the main concerns that you should pay close attention to in order to ensure that you are living in this mode.


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This is probably the first that most people will look to when they are trying to live a more cruelty-free lifestyle, and in many ways, it is the easiest to manage. Nonetheless, it is still a major challenge for many people, especially if you have never even attempted something like a vegan diet before. It is helpful, first of all, to put aside a few of the more common myths about veganism. Despite what you might think, you do not need animal products to have a healthy, balanced diet. In fact, there is increasing evidence in the field of nutrition that an animal-free diet is the best for you. Focusing on a whole food, plant-based diet will reduce your chance of developing all of the major causes of death in the developed world, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many kinds of cancer. All of these are worsened by eating meat and dairy, so going vegan is actually the best option for you.


That being said, you must ensure that you plan your meals out, especially at the start of the switch, as otherwise, it can be all too easy to not eat enough, or not enough of the right stuff, or even to eat too much and put on weight. As long as you have a diet plan, however, you will find that you can turn vegan more easily than you might imagine – and help to keep animals safe and unharmed in the process.


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If you are determined to try and live as cruelty-free as possible, this is another issue which you will probably need to focus on early on, as it is another of the huge problems for animal cruelty worldwide. If you do not currently put much thought into what makeup you use, then you are quite possibly adding to the suffering of animals by doing so. This is due to the simple fact that the majority of the most popular makeup brands use some kind of animal testing on their products. This is obviously not harmless, and will more often than not result in some poor side effects for the animals involved. So the simplest thing you can do here is to simply change your brand – but how do you know which brands to go for and which to avoid?


A good place to start is by looking at the packaging of anything that you buy, as by law they have to specify if they use animal testing or if they have any animal parts in the product. Beyond that, you can hopefully do some research and come across a few brands which you happen to know are cruelty-free, such as doseofcolors.com, and then simply stick to those companies. This is a simple switch to make, but it’s one that has a hugely positive ongoing effect, and is absolutely worthwhile for that reason.


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It’s always interesting to see how little thought most people put into the clothes they wear. Most of us are only really concerned with whether something looks good on us, and not where it comes from or what kind of practices have gone into its production. However, living a truly cruelty-free lifestyle means that you need to pay attention to these kinds of things, and that in particular means knowing what clothes you should wear and which you should avoid. Some of the obvious things you need to avoid are leather and fur, but you would be surprised at some of the other concerns too. Some jeans, for instance, have animal products in them, so you need to be careful and really check the label – so that you can support only those who are really doing right by the animals of the earth. See onegreenplanet.org for some options here.

Balancing The Brightness With Boldness In Your Decor

The modern home is incredibly bright. We have all kinds of LED light in our home such as lamps, stair lights, reading lamps, and even in our ceilings. They are powerful and even more efficient than conventional bulbs. They add a lot of light into our home giving us a lot of exposure and amplifying the color of everything around you. However it’s not just the lights in our homes that allow us to live in a vivid environment, we also have spectacular decor options in the way of sofas, chairs, kitchen backsplashes and countertops as well as tiles in our bathrooms. Of course, you could just add brightness the old fashioned way by painting the walls of your home in springtime shades. One could ask the question for this day and age, do we live in too bright homes? Maybe we don’t think so because we’re always surrounded by the most used color of our time in interior design which is neutral white. How about balancing the bright with the bold?

The boring sofa

Perhaps to begin with, take a look at your sofa. Usually, contemporary sofas will come in the common earthy brown tone. They might come in a dull grey occasionally or quite simple the matte black shade. Sofas have always been the highlighting piece of the downstairs decor. The continue to be the center of attention when guests come over and for the family also. Yet, sofas are often boring. They are meant to be enjoyed and not always seen as a fashion statement. So interrupt the bold or plain color of the sofa with a few bright cushions. For example, if you have a white sofa, pick out some royal blue or sunrise red colored cushions to offset each other. Do the opposite for a dark sofa such as black, by adding yellow cushions or pearl white instead. Balance out the boldness of the sofa with a little additional brightness.

Something of life


When we think about color in a home and how it should look natural and beautiful, what better way than to send flowers to your house to bring life into your living space? Take for example a phalaenopsis orchid which is bright white flowers that stand tall and they spread out wide. You could put this in the corner of your dining room if you don’t have a plant already. The glass or wooden dining table and chairs, could also be balanced out by a Rio de Janeiro bouquet. The bright festive colors would do brilliantly in an office where there are a lot of neutral tones. The bright yellow, pink and greens would bring a natural healthy presence into a boring and dull room. If flowers are not up to your liking at the very least you can buy some hanging plants to live in the kitchen where they can get lots of light and water.


No home should sway too much to one side or the other. Bold colors should be offset by bright colors but incorporate this into your entire interior decor. Start with the sofa and work your way around the home from there.

Should You Move to Your Dream City?

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We all have that one place where we felt completely at home. Perhaps you were on holiday, totally relaxed and dreaming of moving into your hotel permanently or maybe you were just passing through on the way to somewhere else. Or your dream city could only in your head, still to be found in the real world.


But whether your dream city is the university town that got under your skin like Anthony Markofsky or you have never lived there for more than a holiday, if you get the chance to move to your dream city should you take it? The answer might be more complicated than you might think!

Living the Dream Lifestyle

One of the main reasons that people move to cities is to make the most of the lifestyle there. Some cities are best known for their food (practically anywhere in Italy or France), others for their music (Melbourne and New Orleans spring to mind) and still others for their high rise lifestyle (New York, Beijing, Singapore to name just a few).


But, when you are thinking about the lifestyle you want, you should be thinking about more than just where that is. Your lifestyle comes down to how you spend your time and your money as well as opportunity. Look at your dream city through the lens of a worker bee as well as a holidaymaker. Is it still just as exciting?

Finding the Right Home

The right home is vital for your dream to come true but while you might be able to make the inside more attractive, you need to be aware of just how much inside you can afford. Cities like New York or London might be thrilling culturally but do remember that with so many people around, homes are getting smaller and more expensive all the time!


You need to be realistic about what your budget will afford you and where you will get the most for your money. If your heart is set on a particular city and district, you may be disappointed so broaden your horizons and think a little further beyond perfect.

Friends and Family

Though upping and moving to a new city is bursting with opportunity, you should think about the friends and family around you. Will you be moving too far away to see each other regularly? Do you want to be close to your family or are you happy to move away? While you will certainly make new friends when you move, these questions should inform your choice as it can be isolating to find yourself in a new place without that support network.


That said, making new friends in a new city is a fun way to discover new things about yourself and explore new avenues of interest. The city life is all about getting out of your home and seeing the world around you. Experience is everything and a new circle of friends is just a part of that.


Moving to your dream city could be the best thing you ever do but don’t make the decision rashly, take your time, do your research and be smart.





How To Ensure Your Home Is An Attractive One


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Your home is such an important aspect of your life, as it’s the place you grow and create new memories every single day. Not only that, but it’s your protector; your security, and it keeps you safe, dry, and warm, which is an extremely fortunate thing to have. For that reason, you should always try and make your home look and feel it’s best because it’s the least it deserves. It gives you so much, so in return, you should make it pretty and special, while having it reflect you and your personality. No matter how similar a house may be to another, you and your style are what gives it that magical edge and uniqueness.


One important thing to remember when giving your home that extra flare, is that you’re doing it for you, not anyone else. Sure, it’s a lovely feeling to invite guests round and have them compliment your interior design and special features – it’s a huge pat on the back after all the hard work and cares you’ve put into it. But this shouldn’t be your driving force – your happiness should be what drives you to create your very own beauty.


Understandably, if you’re not that familiar in the area of interior design, you may find it very hard to know where to start and what exactly to do with the space you have. This is why it always helps to do your research and seek out inspiration. This can be anything from looking through magazines, browsing the web, or even seeking some inspiration from the great outdoors. Remember that mother nature has created so much beauty without the help of anyone and that in itself is enough to give you the confidence to let go and be free, while expressing yourself throughout your home.


Here are some ideas to help get you started.



Flowers and plants are such a stunning thing to have within your home as a way of brightening it up, and better yet you can place them in every single room and not have to be concerned about overdoing it. You don’t even need to worry about leaving your home either, instead, you can look at a wide selection with companies like Lakes Floral and have them delivered right to your door. Plants not only look pretty and freshen up the area, but they even purify the air while balancing the level of humidity you have. And let’s not forget about the lovely smelling scent that comes with all of that.



One of the best things about art is the fact that there are no rules whatsoever, and everything can and will be interpreted into so many different stories and emotions. If you’re a creative sort, then you should have a go at creating your own art, be it a sculpture, a painting, or whatever else you’re able to do. There are no restrictions, so don’t feel nervous to let loose and go wild – that’s what art is all about. If you’re not looking to do the work yourself though, then you can seek out art from essentially anywhere you like. It’s always nice to look up local artists around your area as a pose to shopping commercially, as this not only helps out raw talent but also ensures you are getting your own unique piece.



Colour is such an expressive form and can mean so many different things, especially depending on how you go about using it. It’s a good idea to have a think about a color scheme or the overall theme you’re trying to achieve, as that way you have a basis of where to go and what to do. The most common way of coming up with a color scheme is to choose the main color, and then a secondary color that compliments the first, but also has a strong enough contrast to make it stand out and visually pop. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and go a little older than you usually would. For example, you may never think that charcoal grey would work with a peacock blue or a burnt orange, and yet the contrast is so striking that it brings everything together.

Now you have a few ideas, have a good look around your home and see what needs that little bit more attention. And remember, it’s a trial and error process, so if something doesn’t necessarily work out how you thought it would – it’s easy enough to change.

8 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Clothes

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Whilst you can always sell and donate old clothes, there could be other ways to get extra use out of them. Here are just eight ways to repurpose those old garments gathering dust in your wardrobe.


Turn your sweater into a winter hat and mittens

Got an old sweater that you no longer wear? You could upcycle it into a winter hat and mittens. The collar on a sweater can make the perfect rim of a hat – you can simply cut a section out and sew it together to form a hat. You can meanwhile cut off parts of the sleeves to make your own makeshift matching mittens. It’s also possible to make beanies and slouchies using old sweaters (you can also repurpose cardigans and use the buttons as features).


Turn your t-shirt into an infinity scarf

You can create all kinds of new items of clothing using an old t-shirt from a crop top to a skirt. If you’re looking for a simple craft project, however, an infinity scarf could be a great project to try. This can be done by simply cutting a strip out from around the collar of a shirt. It’s also possible to make a scarf using the sleeves.


Make your own headband

Another simple DIY upcycling project could be to make your own headband from recycled clothes. If you’ve got a t-shirt with an elasticated collar, this could be perfect for turning into a headband. You could also make your own denim headband out of old jeans.


Make a quilt out of t-shirts

For those feeling a little more ambitious, it’s also possible to turn your old t-shirts into a quilt. This could be a great way to upcycle lots of old shirts. There are companies out there that sell quilts made from t-shirts – you could try one of these companies if you don’t fancy taking on this craft project yourself. Quilts can also be made out of other clothes such as jackets and jeans.


Turn your shirts into pillowcases

To go with your quilt, you could also try making some of your own makeshift pillowcases from old shirts. You can do this by simply cutting the sleeves off and then sewing up the armholes and neckhole (you could even add your own zip to the bottom). You can also make your own sofa cushions using this method.


Make your own tote bag

It’s also possible to turn an old t-shirt or jumper into a tote bag. This can be done by cutting the sleeves off and cutting the neckline away and then sewing up the bottom. You can decide how deep you want the bag to be by choosing where to sew the bottom of the bag.


Cover a notebook in denim

For a cool and unique notebook cover, you could consider using an old pair of jeans. By using the top of the jeans you can make use of the pockets (these could be used to store pens or pencils). It’s also possible to use other types of clothing to make your own notebook covers.  


Create DIY dog toys

If you’ve got a pet dog, you could even try turning your old clothes into chew toys. By twisting a few old t-shirts together and knotting them at one end, you can make your own tug toy. You can also repurpose jeans and leather jackets for tougher dog toys. This could be a great way of saving money on dog toys.

Has Your Home’s Value Increased Since You Moved In?


Property is one of the best investment you can ever make. As the saying goes, ‘buy land because God isn’t making anymore of it’. Once you do have land, it’s very difficult for it to lose its value from the current state that you bought it in. Even homes that are troubled by severe flooding almost every year won’t necessarily go down in value. They may stay stagnant but decreasing is extremely rare. Only when certain issues arise will this happen such as when pesky critters such as moles and gophers begin to dig holes in the earth. So if you are a homeowner you should be silently confident that your home has gone up in value. You’re sitting in an investment that could net you a very handsome profit if you ever do choose to sell. Time is the main thing that increases the value of the land. As more and more homes are built and on smaller patches of earth, your current home might be the best on your street due to its inherently bigger size. The question is how much has your home’s value increased?



What have you done?

If you have done something to your home that can be seen as improvements, this can greatly improve the value of your home. Perhaps you have built a garage on a portion of the front or back garden. Maybe you have even installed a jacuzzi outside or possibly had a swimming pool built outdoors. These are some of the things that can increase the value of your home. The increases will vary from construction to construction but the more leisure activities the home or gardens have the higher the fetching price will be in the listings. For example, a jacuzzi can end up putting 75-80% of the cost it took to build on top of your home’s value. For example, if it cost you $30,000 to put in, it could add $55,000 to your home’s value.

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Out of your hands

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what happens around your home that can increase its value. Living close to natural scenic beauty is definitely something that will add value, but having it blocked off by a public fence, another property or trees might negate this factor. Complex calculations like the home value estimator on William Pitt uses an algorithm to see what’s popular with potential buyers and how those trends affect your property’s value. They also factor in nearby sales so you can get a gist of the general consensus of what other homes in your neighborhood are worth. Sometimes you just have to sit tight and allow the world around you to increase your home’s worth but knowing when you should sell is something you will need to study.

The general rule of thumb is that if there are more buyers than sellers, the average property will increase in value depending on how popular the area and features are. Building something like a garage for vehicles is a practical element that will definitely be usable for any buyer. On the other hand, just sit tight and see how the world around you changes and study your neighborhood’s general sale prices.

How to Show Respect for Your Child

One of the great frustrations as a parent is when children don’t respect the rules that you have in the home or are just a little disrespectful in general. Of course, all parents want their children to be kind and polite with everyone that they come into contact with. But this isn’t always going to be the case. You can see as they get older, particularly into their teenage years that they can snap back or lack respect for some people, which can be disappointing. But the good news is that no matter what the age of your children, there are still plenty of things that we can do to encourage a healthy and mutual respect for one another. When we show our children respect, they are likely to mimic it, as they will feel strengthened and empowered by how they are being treated.


With all of that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can show respect to your children and avoid those power struggles that can come at all different ages.



Ask Fewer Questions

We as parents want to know what our children have been doing when we are not there, or what they have been thinking about or doing. But when they are barraged with questions, is it any surprise that they are reluctant to answer? Being tight-lipped doesn’t mean that they don’t necessarily want to share, they just want to control how and where they do so. So give them a little space, and let them know that you’re there when they want to talk.


Let Them Choose

It can be really easy as parents to take control and choose what they are going to wear and get them dressed, just because it may be quicker. But if you follow the Montessori method of teaching, then you do need to give them choice. This helps them to feel respected as they can have a say in things. Something as small as choosing what they wear can be a good sign of respect, as well as putting them in control. We may still feel like we should be bathing or washing our kid’s hair, but they can certainly get on and do it themselves, especially when they are at school. Give them choices and it will help the respect between you as they can feel more grown up and like they have more responsibility.


Let Them Speak

When you go and visit family or meet with friends, often they will ask your children things like how school is or what their favorite thing to do is. They may be a little reluctant to share, but don’t jump in there to do it for them; give them the chance to speak. It helps them to show respect to the person asking the question, as well as them being shown respect by you as you don’t jump in to answer for them.

These are just some small examples, but it can make a difference. When there is mutual respect, wonderful things can happen.