Ivan’s Birthday

Ivan’s birthday party turned out great! I was a little worried because I checked weather underground a few days before the party and it projected 50% chance of rain. I had already booked and paid for the location so we decided to wait until the day before to see what weather underground projected. Finally, it was the day before the party so I checked the weather again and it said there was a 20% chance of rain. That gave me a little relief knowing it might be a pretty day, I can deal with a little rain.


The day of the party turned out to be a beautiful day! It was a little windy but perfect weather for a party in the park. As soon as we arrived the kids helped unload the truck and ran off to play as we decorated for the party. The wind kept blowing our table covers away so we had to tape them but other than that it was all coming along great. After we got the table covers on we set out our food table and got the cheese and chili going for the hotdogs. Next, we set up a gift table and a fruit/cake table, while my husband was setting up the piñata. We finished setting up right on time! Normally we are ALWAYS running late and still setting up as out guest are arriving.


As everyone showed, up we let them serve themselves first so the food wouldn’t get cold. All the kids were at the playground brought them over to join us to eat. That wasn’t too hard because they were thirsty so we just convinced them to eat while they were there. As expected, the kids ran off to play as soon as they were done eating. Once everyone was done eating we started playing a few games. We played tug a war and musical chairs, the kids so much fun playing those two games we played them several times. To save a little time we passed out the cake as the kids were playing the games.


After the games and cake, it was time for the piñata! The kids started lining up so they could have their turn in hitting the piñata. Ivan went first since it was his birthday, then the other kids went after him, starting with the youngest child at the party. we all had a great time watching the kids beating up the piñata. Troy was controlling the rope so when they were ready to hit he would lift it out of their reach. Overall, they all got some good hits in and went crazy when it finally broke.


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Camping Trip


My husband grew up hunting, fishing, and camping, so he’s always sharing stories about his adventures. One day Charlie overheard him telling me about a camping experience he had with some friends and asked if we could go camping? Troy shared with him that you cook outside, sleep in a tent all night and make smores. Charlie loves smores and being outside so all this sounded so exciting to him! As expected, the next thing he said was “I WANT TO GO CAMPING” Troy explained to him again you have to sleep in the tent all night. He was so excited, all he said was let’s go, I don’t even think he heard anything Troy said.

My husband and I decided since this was our first real camping experience, other than the backyard, we would camp at Lake Texana, somewhere close to home.  While Troy was gathered our tent and flashlights, Charlie and I gathered all our cooking supplies, glowsticks/glow balloons, and games.  We were having hotdogs, chips, and juice for dinner so we packed an ice chest to keep our food cold. Of course, Charlie wouldn’t let me forget to add everything to make the smores.

When we looked at the weather there was a 50% chance, we thought we may have to cancel due to the weather but we heard of this rain-resistant tarp that goes over your tent. So, we decided to check it out because there was no way Charlie was going to let us cancel because of rain.  This waterproof rain fly tarp was made by WildVenture. Rain Fly is very durable, I felt safe under it and never worried about the wind taking it or the rain is too hard. It is 9.8′ x 9.3′ which works perfect for our tent, it adds the extra security and also provided shade when the sun came out! I love it because it is super compact and lightweight, just 3lbs. It is so light the kids carried it, while daddy and I have the heavier things.

Overall the kids loved their camping experience away from home, Charlie and Ivan enjoyed everything about camping, they would probably camp every night if they could. We may have started a new tradition with them. I’m so glad we found the WildVenture rain Fly Tent  Tarp, it saved our camping trip. The Fly Tent Tarp has multiple uses so we will be packing it on every trip just in case rain or shine! Find it here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078GBZ3CT  if you would like to try it out!

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Atkins Diet

As I’ve mentioned before I am a stay at home mom of two boys, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. Although I love the fact that I can stay home with my boys, I feel it is time for me to get my pre-baby body back! I have felt myself slacking and not working out as much as I used to. Therefore, my husband and I have both decided to start the Atkins diet together. I like when he diets with me so he can help me stay on track. When my husband diets he sticks with it no matter how much temptation is put in front of him. I love to eat so I fall for all the tempting goodies.

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I weighed 124 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with my first son Charlie five years ago. I weighed 136 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with Ivan two years ago. During both pregnancies, I snacked and craved all different kinds of food, especially sweets! I easily gained about 30-35 pounds during my pregnancies, which according to my doctor is normal. I was ok with gaining the weight because I knew both the boys were healthy and gaining the weight they needed. Although I was ok with the weight gain I was a bit concerned with how I was going to lose the weight. With that being said I feel the need to let everyone know that both Charlie and Ivan were born a healthy 8 pounds each!

Anyways, back to my issue with losing my extra weight. After doing some research, my husband and I felt the Atkins diet was the best choice for our lifestyle. We both really were drawn to the variety of foods you can eat while on the diet. The Atkins diet even includes their own frozen premade meals and shakes. This is very convenient for the both of us with our busy schedules.

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So, after selecting our preferred diet, the shopping began! This was fun for the whole family. I had never heard of some of the items required in the diet. We spent a great deal of time in the vegetable and fruit area. I’m not a huge fan of vegetables so, to be honest, I was becoming reluctant in our decision to diet. My husband can read me like a book and saw my hesitation. He provided me with a little pep talk in which led to us making a promise to one another to give it a month. So, after purchasing our items we were off to the house to “prep” or meals. The preparation was also fun for the family because everyone participated in making the meals. Once completed we placed our new meals in the refrigerated and off to bed we went. The plan was to get a good nights sleep and began our new healthy lifestyle journey. Stay tuned for an update and to see if I can keep my promise!


‘Honor your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’
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Cousin Fun!!

Charlie and Ivan love to hang out with their cousin Tanner! Charlie always checks to see if Tanner is home by peaking out the window and checking if their car is in the driveway. As soon as Tanner gets home, they will run and give each other a hug, then off to their adventures they go. They can always find something to get into, rather it is on the playground, trampoline, driving their cars in the driveway or another thing they enjoy is fishing in the pond.When it comes to the pond we have a golden rule, NO VISITING THE POND UNLESS AN ADULT IS WITH YOU! We have stressed to them how dangerous the pond can be, but we can still have fun with it.


We recently purchased a small fishing net from Walmart for 1.99, and the boys have not put it down. Walmart has tons of inexpensive toys that keep our children entertained and most we can reuse. This net was one of those purchases that we can use over and over again and they will not get tired of it. When the boys find something they like, Charlie always makes sure to get three, one for himself, Ivan, and Tanner. Once we got home with our new fishing nets the boys ran to get Tanner and could not wait to try them out.


Very carefully the boys will walk to the bridge on the pond, and place their nets into the water. When the kids put sticks in the pond the minnows swim away but come back. So as we put our nets in, we knew the minnows were going to swim away, but would be back about 30 seconds to one minute later and we were able to catch them! This is something the boys LOVE to do whenever they go outside and it’s an awesome feeling to see the glow on their faces when they see what they have caught. They get to see minnows up close and sometimes we will even catch some tadpoles, this allows us to see the difference between them. This is also a  great learning experience for them and will be talking about it for days to come

If you have any free time, you should grab a small net and see what you can catch with your little ones in a pond! But always be careful, watch your step and don’t forget to have fun!!!


Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
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Rock Painting

One day I saw a few posts on a friends facebook page about rocks being painted and hidden, or they can hide that same rock in a different location. This was an ongoing thing around the city parks and any business that would like to take part. I thought it was an awesome idea, and a great project for the kids to do. I thought to myself, I would love to do this with the kids but, the only problem was they were doing this in a bigger city about 2 hours away from us.  I talked about this awesome rock painting for weeks and wished we could do something like that in our city. I even considered making a day trip to visit and go rock hunting.


One weekend we decided to visit my in-laws at their condo in Rockport, and the kids wanted to go to the play at the park. My in-laws suggested Memorial Park, they’ve tons of great things about this park and that they have a really nice play area. Once we arrived at the park the kids jumped out of the car and started running with excitement, they had a jungle gym, rocks to climb, and cool two-person swings. The kids were running around wanting to try everything, so we just followed behind. As we strolled around waiting till they were ready to go to the next area, my husband called me over to a tree he was standing next to. As I’m getting closer he tells me to look at the tree, and to my surprise, I see a painted rock!!! I was so excited, I called the kids over to look at it! Charlie thought it was the coolest thing to find a painted rock in the park.

Now that we have found a painted rock, we decided to keep it and paint a new rock then hide it at a later date. As we walk along the trails we found a few more rocks, these were a little harder to find, but the challenge was fun! This has started our never-ending hunt for painted rocks! Everywhere we go Charlie says “mom you think they have painted rocks here?” surprisingly, we found a few rocks in our home city, thanks to Charlie always being on the hunt!